RF2 Beginner Help Please?

Hello everyone,

I started my sim-racing “career” about 2 years ago and have almost exclusively been playing iRacing. iRacing is great and I have a lot of fun, but recently I’ve wanted to take advantage of the fun some of the things the other sims have to offer…and I’ve taken a liking to RF2. However, there are a few things in regards to the settings that can’t figure out. I know I’m new at this but it seems like it should be laid out a bit easier. Mind if I ask a few questions to those who surely know the answers?

-When I click “RACE” I start from the pits. Why? I want to start from the grid but can’t find a setting to make this happen?

-Let’s say I hit the wall. I can’t seem to get the car to go into reverse? Help?

-How can I do a practice session by myself?

-How do I start a race session (with AI) that includes practice, qualifying, and the race?

If it helps, I’m using a Fanatec V2.5 wheelbase and V3 pedal set.

I apologize if this has been asked previously, but I’m having difficulty finding the answers.
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You need to specify you only want to race. It sounds like you are in practise or qualifying.

You will have to put the car into neutral first.

Set up a practise session. There is an option, bottom right from memory on the main page.

Again, set it all up on the main page.
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I've always thought the fact that the Session settings screen always defaults to the Race session settings despite there being Practice and Q selected as well is quite confusing. On more than one occasion I have unintentionally adjusted Race instead of Practice because I simply forgot about this / didn't notice, and I'm already familiar with this. Can't imagine how confusing it must be for a new player.

Hopefully something the new UI will fix (if it ever comes).