rF2 | 2020 Zandvoort Grand Prix Circuit Now Available

Studio 397 have dropped a surprise new circuit configuration into rFactor 2 - adding the yet to be raced brand new 2020 Zandvoort Grand Prix layout to the simulation.

Included as an additional configuration to the already available original Zandvoort venue, the new release today bring with it the brand new Formula One layout of the track - a first appearance as official content within a racing title. The new layout includes multiple changes over the much loved traditional circuit, including the now famous final banked corner designed and built especially for the aborted return to Grand Prix racing - a race that should have taken place this very weekend.

The new configuration is available as a free DLC for rFactor 2, and can be found at the rFactor 2 Steam workshop if it hasn't already downloaded automatically.

In a rather cool move from Studio 397, the version available today will closely match the current build state of the real world location. In the real world, the race track itself is very much ready for action, but the infrastructure and buildings around the track are still very much in a state of development - something Studio 397 have replicated in the simulation with an intention to update and develop the content in the months to come as it evolves towards hosting the upcoming Dutch GP.

The new circuit is available to download now from the Steam Workshop.

The release notes post in full can be read below:

The weather along the Dutch coastline this weekend was rather typical for May. The sun and clouds both fight for attention. Trying to make their presence felt to the people on the beaches below. But this was not supposed to be a normal weekend. An enormous amount of people would have flooded the area, cheering for their favorite driver, enjoying the fast cars that would have graced the beautiful track of Zandvoort. Then everything changed.

What could not continue in the real world, most certainly can in the virtual world. We therefore decided to release on this day the brand new 2020 layout of Zandvoort, for everybody to enjoy in rFactor 2. For free!

rf2 2020 Zandvoort.jpg

If you look at the real track today, it is certainly ready to race, but all the surrounding buildings, grandstands and other infrastructure are very much still under construction. Our pre-production release today reflects that. We’re trying to remain close to the current state of the track and will keep updating it in the months to come as it evolves towards the upcoming Dutch GP.

Much has been said and written already about the changes to the track, all aimed at improving the racing, but let’s highlight some of the most important ones as we take you around a virtual tour of the track.

The lap starts on the longest straight, that takes you to the Tarzanbocht, a banked 180 degree turn that is traditionally a good overtaking spot. One apparent change here is the location of the pit exit, which used to be on the inside of the corner entry, but has now been moved to the corner exit, with a wall making sure there is no way to merge too early.

rf2 2020 Zandvoort 2.jpg

The corner exit takes you onto a straight that bends towards the left and sets you up for the next right-hander called Gerlachbocht. Exiting that is where the next big change is. The Hugenholtzbocht, named after the famous dutch designer of race cars and tracks, John Hugenholtz, is made wider with more banking to offer a faster exit and possibly multiple lines through the corner.

rf2 2020 Zandvoort 3.jpg

More speed means an even faster passage over Hunzerug and the Rob Slotemakerbocht towards Scheivlak, the only corner on the track that has its own TV channel, a clear indication that that’s a good spot to watch a lot of action. The jury is still out on how high downforce open wheelers can go side by side over this straight and through this blind corner, but if they do it will certainly be a memorable moment.

rf2 2020 Zandvoort 4.jpg

We’re now basically at the back of the circuit where much of the existing layout remains untouched. The next straight brings us to the Mastersbocht, another high speed turn with a curbstone on the apex that you can hit hard, but not too hard. The anonymous Bocht 9 and Bocht 10 follow, two long, slow and wide corners that seem to never end and where you can drive many different lines, making sure at all times your exit onto the next straight is good as that one leads to another popular overtaking spot.

rf2 2020 Zandvoort 5.jpg

The Hans Ernst Bocht is another place to out-brake your opponent and while this corner had been modified fairly recently for DTM, placing less forgiving curbstones on the inside of the second part off this right-left turn, it was changed again, removing those curbs again in favor of more friendly ones.

rf2 2020 Zandvoort 6.jpg

This exit takes us to the penultimate corner, Kumho, which generally takes some lifting and light braking. Exiting this corner is where DRS will be enabled as the last corner on the track is again one that is completely modified. The Arie Luyendijk Bocht is now wide and very much banked like on an oval and you can therefore take it flat out, launching you onto the final straight at high speed and potentially setting you up for a pass through the first turn again.

rf2 2020 Zandvoort 7.jpg

This completes our lap around the track. Needless to say we’re excited to be the very first to bring you this track in a racing simulation. We hope you’ll enjoy driving it. You can subscribe to the track in the workshop here if it has not already automatically installed for you.

Original Source: Studio 397.

rFactor 2 is available exclusively on PC.

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Tarmac Terrorist

Paul McCaffrey
Mar 22, 2017
Oh yes I like! Already using this track on my public server with M23's and those new banked curbs are gunna be great for the speed of those things, and with any other high speed car, can't wait to try this out today!
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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Wow, what a great surprise! More of this S397, please!

Doesn't have to be free, either. I just need more high quality content for the sim - my behavior on other sims indicates I'm happy to pay.