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RF 2 at its best

I am simulating the 1979 F1 season with the fantastic 79 mod. This is RF2 at its best. Even though its not very user friendly, when you get it right its fantastic. The physics, AI, driver errors, driver ratings, mechanical breakdowns are spot on. I put together a small teaser of this simulated season. Its done classic BBC style, with the voice of an old friend.F1 1979 RF2

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
when you get it right its fantastic
Agree, fantastic might be little strong, but when RF2 is right, it is very right and worth the efforts to get there. Of course would be even better if it was right more often and not so difficult to get there. But it is what it is.
For a SIM enthusiast interested in experiencing convincing race simulation, no one does it better than RF2. Some other also do it well, but RF2 keeps a special place.
It will always be up to date in my library and ready to fire for those few combo that will bring me pleasure.