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Reversed Grid Order F1 [Modular Mods]

Misc Reversed Grid Order F1 [Modular Mods] 1.0

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Modular Mods Creator
ParkYongLee submitted a new resource:

Reversed Grid Order F1 [Modular Mods] - This mod reverses the starting grid order for a race. So if you qualify as 1st, you will start last.


This mod reverses the starting grid order for a race. So if you qualify as 1st, you will start last. 1-22 will end up 22-1.​


This mod is part of [Modular Mods] and has [Modular Mods - Base Files] as required mod to be existing or installed in the main [F1 2020] folder.

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Modular Mods Creator
Sorry to ask but... what's the point of this? as if you complete a lap in 5 minutes you will start in 1st? @ParkYongLee
Wait, fun has to have a point? If it is not for you, ok, fine.

Some guys play Nascar mods with F1 games. Some like the sprintrace in F2, I personally like to go through a field over time in a race and find it not as exciting to fight for just two positions.

If you want to cheat and be first this way, that's on you, not on the mod's idea. But maybe it will be a challenge to be slower and last and all faster cars want to overtake you?

Other play with equal cars. But, what if Hamilton has to go from 22 through the full grid, while Williams trys to keep the faster cars behind them?

What's the point of a game? Right, to have fun. And that's what mods should be for, too.

I had this idea and asked if someone was interested. Someone was, so I created it. End of story.


Modular Mods Creator
I mean the player can always win, he can set the A.I. level to a different one, do R&D become OP whatever. I have a personal mod where all cars are equal, but I will be 2 sec faster than my mate because of his low values. So I changed it to all drivers are equal, which then makes it like F2 in this game: all drive in a train because all are equally fast, that is boring, too.

In the end what is it, we wish to see? Exciting races, different winners, close championship battles.
I don't to start a season and know after 5 races who's going to win it. And as the A.I. cannot cheat, because Mercedes does not know they will start in last positions, they have to fight their way through the grid, while others do the same or try to stay in position.

But as written already, it was quick a idea, quick creation. I guess it is best for races about 50% length, 25% could be close, 100% probably will end up like normal maybe.

In the end, a few people enjoy this already, so my 20 minutes of creating were already worth it :D


Modular Mods Creator
Awesome job, i loved!
One question, its possible to make a random grid in myteam ?
MyTeam uses the same file like normal Grand Prix mode does. And random is not really a thing.
I mean it is possible to set up a shuffled order but it will not be different each time.

Like, if I make 1 be 5 and 20 be 6 and 19 be 17 and 3 be 9 and so on it will all be set in stones again.