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SGP Reverse grid test 2x25min, Thursday 25th March


Thou shall not pass!!!
I have a few reservations. I'm guessing that if one runs two events @ the same time, both events will have identical driver lists. As a consequence, each driver will have a DNF added to their individual profiles, which might create problems if simracing.gp want to weed out the 'no shows'.

What does one do about lead cars that get involved in a crash in the first race and end up @ the back of the field?

I'd also imagine having two separate groups based on 'performance' would run counter to the aims & goals of RD club racing?

Wish list: If we go down the road of a points system I'd like it to be reflective of the driver's sim-experience, age, disability, etc.,.
Good points! Thanks Patrick. I appreciate it.

DNF /Weed out no shows! : Very true. I have no solution for that.

Lead cards crash: Also true. They will go to the backmarkers event and probably win it. If it's done on purpose (or sandbagging with the same result), that's not in the spirit in this community I hope. Again, I don't have a clear solution on that other than that these situations can become a subject of a report on which the staff can take action. But if it comes to that, it should be discussed first.

Aims&goals RD: This is indeed a very important one. Fun should be the main goal. This second run based on the result of the first one, had the intention to create more fun for the lower end of the field. If the effect is that we switching from a fun minded to a performance minded community, than we mustn't do it. There are other communities for that.

Point system : That is totally not the intention. When I started organizing these events, I wanted to see if I could make it more fun for the inexperienced and not so fast drivers to keep them 'on board' .
That's why I chose the MX5 for the Wednesday events.

In the two years since I started simracing, I have seen a lot of new and inexperienced drivers come and go. From their comments I read that they are often disappointed that they can't match the pace of the majority of the participants. That's mainly because their focus is on performance, and as you know it takes a lot of time for practice and racing to be competitive for the podium. Well, I can't help them speed up that process of improvement but what I can do now, is make the road ahead more fun for them. So I'm planning to try out some new things to see if it has the desired effect.

One of those is to help others to make the step to the GT3 a bit easier by using the same track and for the near future use cars in a step up principle. So on short term I'm thinking of alternate the MX5 with the Audi TT Cup for the Wednesday events. And I got the suggestion for the Tatuus for a step further.

I don't know if we are going to test the split second race option. But I'm very glad with guys like you that give feedback :thumbsup: !
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I just doodled and waited for everyone to catch up, think I gave everyone a scare, the rearview mirror really distorts distance.:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

I noticed this and it is even worse in PCars 2, you basically can't trust the mirror as people is much much closer than it appears (though there's no warning about this anywhere :roflmao: )



Well put Han, a lot of common sense in your comments.
I am always concerned about how to include everyone. It is very Difficult to find a winning formula.
It is so easy to see yourself as an outsider with the main attention seemingly only going to alien times.
I want everyone at all levels to be welcome equally.
Believe me I can see the massive difference being 75 to when I was 40, I want to feel welcomed, incompetence included . :Dso I also want to apply that to someone who is at the back of field, without everyone it is not a race, it’s a formality.
I like racing in big fields of drivers, missing a lot of the drivers in GT3, even though I know for everyone that turns up means I move one place backward.
All I hope is that you don’t get disappointed in your efforts, I see the blue flag drivers and the alien all in the same bag, all exactly as important as one and another.
All great thoughts, but how do you get that across; this is we’re you are expecting a solution, I am afraid I am still pondering it. :roflmao: :unsure:


I want to race with this car too, looks cool and fun. Too bad I'm not at home most Thursdays :/ Maybe with the new hard-lockdown coming up in Austria...
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Thou shall not pass!!!
Don't worry, Andreas. I'm going to use this Audi for some Wednesdays events in the future.

Hmm, just a thought that came up now. How about a multiclass Audi TT/MX5? Not realistic but probably a lot of fun with a lot of drivers.