Rev limiter sounds


I'm trying to isolate the rev limiter sounds, does anyone know how or where they are configured? The only reference I can find is to the on/off toggle sound. I'm assuming it uses an engine sound and then loops it or something like that but can't seem to find anything?

Wayne Reed

you need to open the .sfx file mate then it will tell you what it is then go to the sound folder and look for the mod you are useing then inside that folder is some .wmv files it will be 1 of them. hope this helps:)
Go to the vehicle folder and open the .sfx file (or .aud if Simbin game) with notepad.
Then scroll down untill you find: (Under Ambient usually)


Usually this is the rev limit used for cars, you can just remove the last line, for example VS_OUTSIDE_TRACTION_CONTROL=TestCar\Revlimex.wav
And then remove the Revlimex.wav, or remove all the lines after = and replace with Null
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