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Restrictions Be Gone: What Real World Motorsport Are You Most Looking Forward To Restarting?

What type of racing are you most looking forward to watching when it starts again?

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Dec 27, 2017
Formula Offroad Iceland. The TV shows it ridiculously early in the morning here in the UK so I only stumbled across it in the last year but I'm hooked now, probably the most spectacular form of motorsport there is now. The guy who does the slightly tongue-in-cheek English commentary adds to the fun.

Little video, watch for the driver who carries on even after one of their wheels falls off, kind of captures the spirit of it all.



Apr 6, 2020
But the drama and political shenanigans surrounding F1 are half the fun! :p

Speaking of which, can't wait for F1 to restart. I couldn't wait to see how everyone has developed back in march, and now it's July already!
No, absolutely.... the politics of F1 is FUN...

I meant the *other* politics, the Dems/Reps in my USA... so sick of it. Let's not bring it in here. I do it on Twitter, but it doesn't belong here. WORD...

Aki Korhonen

Feb 19, 2010
It's a miracle mankind survived for thousand of years with all the packing out and handshakes. We're lucky that this incredible deadly virus only appeared in this day and age when people are much more intelligent to know that the right thing to do is to avoid any human contact and starve to death trapped in their bubble wrapped prisons (I mean homes). Hear hear.
no truth here
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Jan 13, 2019
24hrs of Lemons is no.1 racing league on the planet. $500 racecars racing in endurance league? What can go wrong...


Mar 13, 2017

Hoping Speedway (bikes) kicks back in. While there's televised stuff, i hope we can return trackside before the end of the season.


Apr 6, 2020
I keep watching the Formula 1 series on Netflix over and over...'Formula 1: Drive To Survive'.

And the one on Amazon which focused on McLaren for the 1st season (2017) if I remember right.
Here it is... https://www.amazon.com/Change-is-in...rmula+1&qid=1593444889&s=instant-video&sr=1-6
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Feb 18, 2015
lock down is the best thing that ever happened for street racing, working on a methanol setup for more boost without e85.

stay at home is hilarious, the medical authority like WHO is headed by a commie who covered up cholera 3 times in the poorest parts of his country, the CDC administered syphilis to black people up to the 70s! This whole thing shows you how silly, unintelligent, and fearful people are, remember what is responsible for the most deaths in history? Well malaria... but government is not far behind. I'm going off on a limb and using something called the brain to do a little thinking. It's a pandemic but my hospitals are all fine, and if I turn off the TV, it disappears completely, yet my friend who needs rehab for his knee is being denied and could be in a critical period for full recovery, doctor wants to treat but is ordered to not work. Someone close to me committed suicide, they cannot be buried publicly or have a funeral. The covid patients were put back in the nursing homes, and were put there by way of your government healthcare workers, you're brave healthcare workers looking after you (with tiktok memes)! People are not thinking for themselves, just suckling off the authority, homosexual and floyd marches are done by the brilliant vibrant youth and are OK, but protests for your jobs, only racist trump supporters are there and they are killing people with spread. I'm working but actually losing money in my business right now not including stocks(I am personally subsidizing what takes up my time, LOL).
Imagine living in a third world country, the "people of color" there only get news coverage after thousands are dead by police brutality or government and economic collapse. What comes around goes around, aid the government agenda to turn off the taps to the poorest economies, not one news article or protest about that, you'll get yours too. Convince me the government and world banking system is looking out for the people and I will go along with it, all evidence is to the contrary.
Dec 5, 2013
I've selected F1 and WRC because they have the biggest work to do to make it interesting... But let's face it, almost every items on this list should be reworked !!

But as I'm not just a complaining person, I'd like to develop a bit my thought.
What kills me the most about recent regulations (the last 15 years), is we have totally lost the signification of each group. Touring cars are not "Touring" anymore, Groups are arranged for each

I'll split the problem in three (just on cars, not thinking about bikes in here):

1 - Single/two seaters and any "prototype" kind of cars.

2 - Touring cars or any regulation based on a commercial production.

3 - Common to all races, The very high level of security and high budgets in almost any groupe/race.


The proto cars have three big things.
-The limitless budgets
- A regulation that prevents any "surprise"
- Cars that are not so challenging to drive (clearly, I'm thinking 1500hp turbo F1 "old school baby")
We also can talk about the way pilots become pilots... It's too normalized, they all come from the same kind of driving school, and are too young.

The Touring cars got a more general issue. Let's not be shy, my ideal decade will always be the 90's Gr.A. ✌
We've lost that balance between performances and stock parts, and keeping the driving style of each car.
Today, the only difference would be FWD or RWD... But there is no difference between two FWD for instance.
On WRC it's pretty much the same, the cars are made like ex Gr.B, meaning the only stock part would be the general shape and holding to the type of engin (inline4, V6...). (Of course, I'm over simplifying, I try to keep it short )
But, as these cars are made following these regulations, they end up being exactly the same.
It's literally impossible to see any difference in driving between two cars ...
They all have exactly the same overall performances and technical specs...
Which is not fun, and can't help people to appreciate this sport... Plus, all the cars look the same !

Third point : security and finances.
On this one, I think there is a cultural thing, which is the high level of safety is killing the entertainment. Not saying I want to see fatal crashes, no !
But naturally, with less danger, people are less curious... That's just the way it is !
I'll conclude by the financial part, let's make it quick... It's damn too expensive !!!!

For the braves who have reached this point, please take note of my context.
I'm working at the French Motorsport Federation (in France, as you guess...)
I'm 37 and driving on track occasionally.
Remember that in France, Motorsport is dying fast because we have very few affordable groups or races, not like in England for instance.
It's not any more in our culture

Sorry for the extremely long post
But we're talking about serious ****, I can't hold back ✌

Cheers, and long live to Motorsport ️️

PS : don't even try me on electric cars

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