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Resource for comparing strengths of different cars?


Nov 19, 2008

I have been reading stuff from around the web looking for some information, but have yet to find anything definitive that gives me what I want. Maybe it doesn't exist? Here is what I want to know:

Within the different classes, which cars are superior to others? I am guessing that FBMW, Radicals, F3000, Minis... series like that are identical. I am specifically wondering in the WTCC 07 series, are certain cars just overall better/faster than others? Also wondering about the various GT Pro cars as well... If you were going to rank the cars in these 2 series, what would that list look like? And how big of a difference is there from 'best' to 'worst'?

I fully realize that certain cars might lend themselves to certain driving styles... what I am getting at is, say a really good SEAT driver and a really good Lacetti driver went at it... does either CAR give an advantage?

And if this discussion/information is already around here and I have missed it -sorry... but could someone point me at it?

Thanks! -Matt

Jamie R

Oct 24, 2008
Depends on many factors, like track, setup, conditions. As you said yourself, it's really down to that and what suits you best. I'm getting into driving the BMW as the other cars feel dead to me now after playing iRacing.

Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
Here's a quick breakdown of my opinions on the different car's behaviours.

BMW - The hardest to drive well, though it has the potential to be the fastest car in the class. Being rear-wheel drive and having one less gear than the other cars requires a different driving style.

SEAT - In my opinion, the easiest car to drive in the WTCC class. Many people are consistently faster in it than in other S2000 cars. Front-wheel drive means that you don't have to tread a fine line like in the BMW.

Chevy - Same as the SEAT, but more tail-happy on the default setup. Tweaking the car should help.

Alfa - somewhere in between the Chevy and SEAT. Good handling, and just enough oversteer to let you know that you're pushing it.

Overall, the cars are quite equal. In the hands of a capable driver, the BMWs are dominant, but the SEAT is the all-round quickest car. As Jamie said, it's all down to you. :)

Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
In the GT Clubs Gillet is the underpowered but surprisingly easy to drive, the BMW Z4 seems to be fastest but tail-happy puppy. Aston is quick too but odd to drive, it revolvs around the center axis somehow. Seat is probably the most balanced.

You can find some info from the fastest times list: timing.racedepartment

Just sort the list by 12 fastest laps.