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Reset Progress

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally 2.0' started by s00zster, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. s00zster


    I've posted on the Codemasters website about this but not had any replies yet - how do you reset your career so that you have 0 credits and no cars, or a basic Fulvia at most?

    I had a couple of issues in my career and wanted to just wipe everything clean and start again from scratch. I've tried "Reset Progress" but it just resets my competition status - I still have all my cars, including DLC and purchased cars, upgraded and everything, and worse still, all my credits.

    I then tried "Reset All", which oddly enough included making a new driver, but I still come back to a garage full of cars and all my credits. It's just a mess now.

    I also tried disabling Cloud Saves on Steam and removing the save folder, but it seems everything is saved on RaceNet and it's forcing me to have all this stuff I don't want anymore.

    Does anyone know the answer? Is it a "feature" or is it a bug? Or is there a way around it? I've just purchased a bunch of DLC and now I feel like I can't play the bloody thing because it's doing my head in. This wasn't a problem with Dirt Rally.
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