RESCHEDULED - 500k @ Elkhart Lake / Road America

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Eric. K

Sep 10, 2008
Sorry guys for this frustrating afternoon. I need to sit down and recover now.
I will post more info later today.

Thanks to Xosé Estrada for the flyer!!!:in-love:

Is anyone capable of dethroning João ?:coffee:
Will Péter keep his tittle?

We will find out in 4 weeks!!


July 25th @ 17:30gmt
Track: Road America - link

  • GT-Pros
  • GT-Sport
Event Schedule
  • 15:30gmt: Unofficial Practice 1: 120mins
  • 17:30gmt: Practice 2: 60mins
  • 18:30gmt: Qualification: 15mins Superpole
  • 18:45gmt: Warmup: 15mins
  • 19:00gmt: Race Start -Manual Rolling Start Procedure (read below for details)
  • Race: ~500k or 80laps

Please read:
  • Click here to read the password and golden rules!
  • It is a VERY long endurance event. If you tend to leave an event after a minor crash, you should NOT sign up. It is for the hardcore enduro guys who can manage with the occasional "you have a suspension problem" message.
  • The event will have a broadcast as well as live timings
  • In case if we get a lot of sign ups, I will give priority to whoever finished the Nordschleife 500K:)

We will start the race with all the participants. If you drop during warmup or while getting on the grid we WILL restart the race. We might need to do a parade lap to make sure everyone has the proper gird position (I will take care of all book keeping)

Manual Rolling Start Procedure

Please read closely.
  1. Every driver places himself on the grid as usual and waits for the red starting lights to go on and off. When the lights go off the formation lap starts; not the race!
  2. The leader starts the formation lap first and then every car simply follows him one by one.
  3. The formation lap is driven in a single line.
  4. The leader will keep the formation lap at around ~100km/h
  5. The race starts when the leader enters the final turn
  6. No passing is allowed before the start/finish line!!
  7. If you spin or go off track, you wait for the whole field to pass and rejoin at the back of the line.
  8. Sudden stops, brake tests and excessive swaying are forbidden during the formation lap

Eric. K

Sep 10, 2008
Opened to 35 signups!!!

We will use a new mod that allows up to 50 cars on the grid. However, I will limit the number of signups to 35 (doubt we will get that many).

NOTES: To avoid any issues in the pits please ONLY use MANUAL pits!! Not AUTOMATIC!! (you have been warn!!)

GT-Sport entrylist:
  1. GT-Sport: Ivo Simons
  2. GT-Sport: David Zafiu
  3. GT-Sport: Michael Herrmann
  4. GT-Sport: Bob Miley
  5. GT-Sport: Marcel vd Aa
  6. GT-Sport: Yuri Braham
  7. GT-Sport: Andreas Löffler
  8. GT-Sport: Glenn Petersen
  9. GT-Sport: Kevin Hopkins
  10. GT-Sport: Ben Buitendijk
  11. GT-Sport: Yassen Pavlov
GT-Pro entrylist:
  1. GT-Pro: João Andias - 3 times winner!!
  2. GT-Pro: Jason Pitts
  3. GT-Pro: Mtommi Tam
  4. GT-Pro: Abdul Ahmed
  5. GT-Pro: Gregory Degreef
  6. GT-Pro: Niklas Vesterinen
  7. GT-Pro: Henrik Horvath
  8. GT-Pro: Michel Hunter
  9. GT-Pro: James Johnson
  10. GT-Pro: Michel Usal
  11. GT-Pro: Thierry Marchand
  12. GT-Pro: Thomas Timpone
  13. GT-Pro: Marcin Skrzypczak
  14. GT-Pro: Rogerio Jesus
  15. GT-Pro: Bruno Said
  16. GT-Pro: Martijn van Bommel


Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
A practice server will be setup on June 14th (once the poll closes)
hmmmm the praccy server is already set before the poll closes :rotfl: must be a typo or a case of copy and paste thingy :rotfl:

Eric. K

Sep 10, 2008
hmmmm the praccy server is already set before the poll closes :rotfl: must be a typo or a case of copy and paste thingy :rotfl:
You need to stop picking at me:freaked-out:

Too much copy and past... :neutral::clock2:

Péter Bártfai

Sep 18, 2008
Edit: Sorry, ignore my post and my vote, just realized I won't be home that time!:(
Visiting my grandparents.
Feb 17, 2008
there are 3 layouts nascar, a version with the GP loop and one with gp loop using the chicane wich one we will use, if we go for "the glen" ??

Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
Jul 15, 2008
Eric I'll be joining you guys. Will vote as soon as I test the tracks today. GT Pro as always.

Ivo Simons

Apr 15, 2009
Mhh Road America for me. WG is to short and feels not like GT track to me.
Road one i didn't like at all. And RA is a proper GT track with some slow corners fast corners and two straights, so RA gets my vote. :)

Glad to have you with us again Abdul. :wink2:

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
Sign me up please (GTP). I will not let the Viper defeat me...

I will race any track. By Super Enduro, I presume you mean at least 6 hours..?
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