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Requested : Porsche 991.2 GTR GT3 Kyalami Setup . 1:40:431 on 29°C track ( cold for SA)


Oct 28, 2018
Hello to you Drivers!

requested setup
but ..
Aggressive preset is pretty darn good ,even on 36°C around 41 low, maybe it need less wing and rear height for full tank race but is decent for 30 min race.

the <<race>> setup is the new one 30c30m is older version .
that's not tuned for the average joe use .I usually think about who's gonna use it before making any changes to the aggressive preset; and as i said above the AS is pretty strong already .

Car of Choice: Porsche 991.2 R GT3
Track: Kyalami
Track Condition: Optimum
Track Temperature:29°C
Air Temperature: 23°C
Time: : 5:00 PM


The setups may not appeal to everyone ;the results also vary from driver to driver .


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