MGP19 [Request] Sky VR46 Moto2 livery

Not sure how often or where it's used, but I know it was used in Mugello this year.


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Really? No one? :( Guess Moto2 just isn't that exciting. I figured @kawa4saki would have a go!

I would do it if no one else want's to.

But it will take a while, have 3 request's wich i need fo finish in first place. Before i can start with this one.

I'll do also think that this one will take a while to recreate as it looks hard to do.

Do you want it for custom rider only? Or for marini and bulega to?
Whatever is easiest I suppose, heh. Makes no difference to me. I guess custom rider would be nice so that I can use the livery in career mode.
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