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[REQUEST] Satsuma wood grain stock steering wheel

Would love it if someone could retexture the stock Satsuma steering wheel with a wood grain texture on the black outer circle including the two black sides connecting to the middle (unless it looks better with just wood grain circle)

Thanks :D

(Trying to re-create my car IRL (Subaru Outback) also have the Satsuma Estate (wagon) mod installed http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/satsuma-estate.20040/

This is my car: https://www.usedvehiclesales.com.au.../Subaru-Outback-Limited-Wagon-1998-Blue-9.jpg also equipped with wood grain dashboard :cool: (soon to get wood grain gear knob and steering wheel :D)

Wouldn't mind wood grain dashboard for the Satsuma too but thats too much ;)