Replays go into "Slow motion"!! (mostly Spa 66)

Looked around the net but did not find anything of use.
This seems to happen when watching replays of Spa 66.
I only run about 10 cars and in game everything is as smooth as silk, but on a replay after a few minutes everthing just slows done as if in slow motion......any cures or is it just a bug that cant be solved?
There's no cure as far as I know, it's a track related problem but not with all cars. Spa 66 is not the only track affected, the new Nords is also affected with some cars and Sebring, Mosport, Castle Combe, Reiza Imola-72 and a couple other tracks which I can't remember at the moment. It's not the the cars because the same car will work fine on other tracks. The worst track I have found for this is the Senorman CTMP Mosport, on this track most of S397 cars work fine except the Nissan GT500, every other car I have tried runs in slow motion no matter who the mod is by. The number of cars makes no difference, I posted about this problem some time ago but with no solution.
P.S. some times it doesn't happen straight away, it might start to slow down after a couple laps. Sorry if this is not much help.
Thanks for the reply.
It happens to me after a few laps...pity it occurs on Spa 66 as I like the track and you often (always lol!) get a few incidents to watch back.
Oh well I just hope with some future update it gets fixed,cheers.
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