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WRC9 Replay Camera Control

I've been playing WRC 9 for quite a while now. I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the camera view in replay mode. I press shift and the little circle pops up with the numbered camera views, but I cannot figure out which key(s) change the view. Is there a key binding I need to set? is there a default key binding for this? Please help!!! Thanks!
It's funny you mention this because I discovered the easy way to do it completely accidentally the other day, at least on a wheel. If you're on a wheel, hold down the change camera button and rotate your wheel. That's it. I said "are you kidding me?" out loud when I realised. :D
I might have the key wrong , it could be the shift key , i haven't played it for a while but when you have the circle with the numbers you just press one of the numbers , sometimes i have to hold down the key to bring up the circle with numbers and keep it held down and press one of the numbers and while pressing the number and holding it then release the key that brought up the circle.

It works well with the shift key.
WRC9 2020-12-15 09-27-46-04.jpg
Ok so I got it to work with shift and wheel rotation. Now I have another problem lol. My wheel rotation lock to lock is set to 540 degrees, which I find perfect for WRC 9. But as such, I can't rotate the wheel far enough to select 3 of the replay views! Is the only way around this to set my wheel to at least 720 degrees? Frustrating!

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