Renovatio: software problem (SRD-9C)

Andreas Knöpke

Let's drive side by side!
Hamburg, Germany

I haven't played much throughout summer but recently I encountered a problem that I haven't had before and I know there was a software update a few weeks back.
  • When I fire up a game (AC, GSCE for instance) and the device is already connected then when I go on track the throttle is fully applied and I am unable to steer as the sterring is maxed to one side already.
  • However, if I fire up the same game with the software started but the device not connected, then everything is fine and I can even plug in the device once I've loaded a track and it works just fine.
I don't think there is much sense in asking the Devs as even their facebook replies are rather short and very late if they reply at all.

Did anyone make similar experiences lately with their software?