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AU Renault Megane Trophy @ Mid Ohio - Sunday 27th August 2017

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Chris, Aug 14, 2017.

Added to Calendar: 27-08-17
  1. Matt


    Bad luck mate, as far as track grip goes that is decided by the tracks creator like in any sim, if it's not a track created by ISI or now S397 then you can't blame them for the insanely low grip on the grass :(

    We will need to do some testing of tracks before putting up an event to make sure it's not an old crappy rF1 conversion (which this track was).

    I'm happy to put my hand up to help with these tests.
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  2. Ashley Cowan

    Ashley Cowan

    The track had issues but it's freaking awesome though
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  3. Jamie

    APIA RACING Staff Premium

    Yeah. I have to agree. I was'nt going to run the race but am glad I did. The layout is very good. I am prepared to make allowances for these vagaries. Its free after all.
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  4. Stephen Gibb

    Stephen Gibb
    Lost in the Misty Mountains Premium

    No worries Fred sorry it took me a few seconds to tell you just to go I had my mike muted as my G27 sounded like it was going to explode:O_o: after I flat spotted the tyres.
    Yeah it has a few issues think it at Sebring are meant to be getting DX11 updates, but I think the car had a lot to do with it we had club race at the chicane version in the Skipp Barber a couple of months ago and they were nowhere near a slippy as that Renault:poop: on the road or the grass.
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