Renault Espace F1 1994 Alternative Manufacturer Badges

Misc Renault Espace F1 1994 Alternative Manufacturer Badges 1.1

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Julio Cezar Kronbauer submitted a new resource:

Renault Espace F1 1994 Manufacturer Badge 1.0 - Provides some logos for a better presentation of the mod.

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My dream came true! The bizarre mix of a family minivan with a Formula One car is available on Assetto Corsa.

The only thing I was not satisfied with is the logo on the car selection screen, so create a package with some Renault logos to replace the one that comes with the mod.

There are four folders in the compressed file:
  • Renault Logo
  • Renault Sport Classic Logo
  • Renault Sport Modern Logo
  • R.S. Modern Logo
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