Renault Claims "Biggest Gains" Since Hybrid Introduction

Renault Engine Gains.jpg

At the launch of the new Renault R.S.19, the French team have claimed the gains found in the engine department this year are their biggest since the V6 era began.

According to Renault F1 Managing Director Cyril Abiteboul, the gains made with the much maligned Renault turbo engine are "substantial", citing the continual improvement the squad have been making in recent years as paling in comparison to the improvements for 2019, changes that they think are "the biggest we have ever done since the V6 (turbo-hybrid engine) introduction"

"It is very much new, and it is just pushing further the concept that we introduced and tested successfully with Red Bull - the C-spec that we elected not to run," he said.

"But it is OK because we had enough information and feedback by getting it on the Red Bull. It has really been pushed much further with this year's engine."
The bold claims made by Abiteboul will surely be good news for Renault drivers Ricciardo and Hulkenberg, plus should act as a welcome shot in the arm for the struggling McLaren team, who are set to embark on their second season with the French power unit.

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Patrick van der Meulen

May 11, 2017
they're talking about the engine
The thing Abiteboul every year claims it’s better performing and more improved than ever.:thumbsdown:

That said, if the car is good enough and the power is at least like the c-spec 2018 engine and reliable they should at least be up front of the F1.5 regularly. Sadly no pun intended. Would love to see both Hulkenberg (finally) and Ricciardo (in another outfit than RB) on the podium in 2019.

In the end, I don’t like Abiteboul for his proven false promises again and again... But for 2019 Renault have the two imho likeable drivers of the F1 lined up. How could I not like that? :thumbsup:
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Dec 6, 2013
Good to know, good to know.
They can hope that mercedes and ferrari haven't made similar or greater gains though.

Alex Townsend

Aug 25, 2009
Yes, it's not like those two will have been sitting there twiddling their thumbs during the off season....
Guess we may see something in the times at Barcelona?

Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Well, Renault is my favorite team and Daniel is my 2nd favorite driver...I want badly to see them kick some serious butt this year (which I feel would be amazing for the sport as a whole), but I just can't imagine them breaking into the big boys club. It sickens me to say, but Merc will run circles around everyone again, Ferrari will keep throwing haymakers hoping to land a few, and Red Bull will be right behind those 2 teams waiting for strategy screw ups and/or bogey tracks. Everyone else are just rolling chicanes of variable speeds.

Damn, if we could just get a legit 3 way battle going...

Terry Rock

Oct 24, 2009
Hey!...when the engines have more explosive action than a Normandy beach, an upward climb is a welcomed change.
Lets reserve that claim until testing begins.


Oct 23, 2018
Heres a great 12 min detailed look at the 19 Renault. And that master Giorgio Piola giving his details towards the end. And thank God that ghastly front wing now has a look of polish.
Look at THAT rake! (side shots) :confused:

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Apr 27, 2013
Heres a great 12 min detailed look at the 19 Renault. And that master Giorgio Piola giving his details towards the end. And thank God that ghastly front wing now has a look of polish.
Look at THAT rake! (side shots) :confused:

So far checking over each car they are all hiding what they have developed be very interesting to compare them when the testing starts.

Andrea Lojelo

Dec 14, 2008
Can someone please make a comparison post of the 2018 and 2019 cars? The R.S.19 doesn't look too "gainly" at all.
That's simply because what you were looking at is not the final 2019 car, but just a dressed up 2018 car:
Renault had to use a 2018 chassis – fitted with 2019 front and rear wings – at its team launch at Enstone on Tuesday because the RS19 was not finished.


Oct 24, 2016
Remi Taffin, the lead engineer who is in charge of the engine, said last year that they were working on a brand new engine for 2019 (and Alain Prost was really enthousiast about that).
Here we are.