DiRT Rally Rename buttons? Better menu controls?

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I know I am asking a pretty basic question about a game which is a few years old now, but one thing has always bugged me about Dirt Rally and that's the rubbish menu control system. I take it there is no way you can make all the menu options mouse clickable? If not is there any way to rename the buttons within the game so that it doesn't say "Replay - Press 19", Continue - Press 21". How am I supposed to remember which is button 19, 21, 16 (all wheel mounted buttons) etc? Is there a better way?



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As far as I know there is no way of changing this. I suppose there might be a way of delving into the files and changing the button icons, but I don't know if anybody has ever bothered to try. CM games don't seem to be particularly moddable these days, so it might not even be possible. Crap, I know.

If it's any consolation, they use pretty much the same crappy control method for the menus in Dirt 2.0 too. :O_o:
Dirt games have absolutly the WORST control methods of the hundrededs of games that i have owned. It is almost impossible to figure out which buttons to press to get the proper screens to show. It also has the WORST AI of any game i have ever purchased. I have uninstalled dirt 2 for this very reason and will never install another codemasters game . I believe KIDS must design codemasters games.
BTW. I believe it does have great track and car graphics.
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