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General Remove reflection of objects (glare)

Hello All

I am fighting with to much glare on the objects like trees. Especially for trees and bushes as string object.

Any ideas how to remove this aggressive glare? Do i have to adjust it in kseditor?

Or any other tricks?

Best, Fab
String objects? Are you trying to make a track with Race Track Builder?

Glare is caused by the specular amount set for the material. For objects that would show no highlights in real life, life trees, grass, bushes, ksSpecular should be set to 0 in the ksEditor

Yes, RTB i know. But it works when you work parallel with blender and make your own objects. ;) Later when i am ready, i will start with blender only. But not at this moment. Still have to understand things in blender.

Hi, yeah, exactly what i was looking for. Tnx!

You don't like RTB? (ups, maybee i will start a discussion) ;)

Best, Fab

PS: To be honest, i miss a lot of stuff for terrain and edge oder vertex moving.. RTB is ok for the moment..
Question, is there a way to make it globally for all tree objects? I mean, if i have 1000 trees, ehm, .. :)

Best, Fab

EDIT: Found the way in XPacker. There you can set it to zero. Problem solved! Thanks a lot!
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To all of you who are fiddling around with RTB and XPacks. Here's my setting.

Enjoy. Thanks Fat-Alfie. Du bist mein Vorbild!


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If you are making trees, you should also set ksAlphaRef to about 0.5 if you want the trees to cast shadows on the ground.