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Sounds Removal of resource requested. [Deleted]

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Marti’s Car Collection submitted a new resource:

Porsche Cayman GT4 Sound Mod V1.0 - Marti's Car Collection - Sound mod for the Porsche Cayman GT4


This is my first sound mod release at racedepartment.

My name is Marco Marti and I started sound modding a few weeks back and uploaded a few video's to youtube. I primarily started creating these sound mods for my own gameplay. To improve the immersion. Because when it comes to the original car sounds from all the games I have played, I never liked them very much. The sounds were missing clarity and good upshift and downshift sounds.

But i got a lot of positive reactions from people...

Read more about this resource...
I think the external cam, the closest one has a bug with the rev mode. Its broken when driving. The sound is awsome
I hope someone remake sounds of audi tt cup because the original sound is so soft. Do you think the same?
you are a sound-modder that's why i say mi thoughts


Especially the Huayras and the Giulia; They sound awesome in real life, but AC is sorely lacking in the sound department for these cars... Oh wait... I forgot the LaFerrari, FXX K, and the McLaren 570S and P1s!


Sorry if I'm putting too much on your plate xD. I just think you would be great at sound modding, like Fonsecker and ACFAN (ACFAN is not me lol)
Hmmmm.... I've used your sound-mod for last 360km mostly on a tracks and there are some issues :( On the streets sound is perfect. Tunnels, Half pipes... etc. Unfortunatelly on track... Not so good :( IMO on open track where is no roof (just left or right upper side(s)) sound is comming like it was tunnel. Please try Red Bull Ring (the most ...funny situation) , Zandvoort (much less than on RRR).

P.S. Would you add some v.low frequency (from 5Hz/15Hz to 20Hz/35Hz) for subwoofers? Plsssssssssssss. :)
Hi, I see your point but this is normal. Tracks use the same parameters for these right and left walls as the tunnels. Unfortunately it depends on the parameters of the track. Not the sound. As I create specific tunnel sounds with actual tunnel recordings I have to make a choice, tunnels or walls. I think it’s not possible to make these different.

If I don’t create a specific tunnel sound and just use the exterior sound the game uses a light reverb on the external sound. The disadvantage is that this reverb is not of good quality that’s why I try to create realistic tunnel sounds which are actually recorded inside a tunnel/garage.
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