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Reminds me of rFactor 1 if it were kept up-to-date in 2019


Decided to take this for a spin after the latest post on graphics. It's not bad, it's mostly all there. It was a little rough getting my triples and AccuForce all setup but once I did the high frame rate (250fps+ on triples w/980 ti)) and very, very good FFB were really a delightul surprise.

There's only 2 cars and 1 track as far as I can tell but you can update in tiers from £12 to £36 for a decent amount of cars and tracks. I'll take a wait and see approach at that price.

For a sim you never hear anything about, there seems to be a healthy amount of traffic on their own forums and multiplayer actually looks alive right now: 2 dozen hosts, about half with some players, some with 5-10.

Definitely a sim to keep an eye on and try out every once in a while.