Rejoining races and race restarts

Dennis Phelan

Apr 8, 2009
Recently we have had a a few times when drivers have lost their connection to the race server near the end of qualifying session, during the warmup or while the grid is forming. This is how we will deal with that in the future.

Rejoining the server is easy for a driver on TeamSpeak, easier than for a driver without. Usually the TS driver finds out that he has been dropped with little time lost while it might take a while for another driver to notice. For a driver having lost connection, with or without TS, if less than half of the drivers in the event are on TeamSpeak, nothing will be done as it is too difficult to make sure that most are agreeable to and understand what is going to happen. When most of the drivers are on TS:

Verbal and chat notification will be given that staff will cycle to the next event using access to the RaceDepartment dedicated server and that all drivers are to remain in the garage until the dropped driver has returned or the next warmup session is running. It is important for drivers to remain in the garage so the lineup on the grid remains the same.

A post will be put in the event thread so the dropped driver can see we want him back in.

Once the driver has rejoined, staff will move the server forward to the warmup session and drivers can go on track until we vote to Race or allow the session to run out.

If the lost driver does not return in a short time staff will move the event forward, we will not be looking to give time to reboot, just reconnect.

The more drivers that are on TS the greater chance that all will go well, using the in game chat does not work well, not everyone sees it. TeamSpeak is easy to install, setup and use. One does not have to talk and can set sound levels to low or off during a race session if they like rather than listen to the chatter, but just having it on can save you if you run into any problem with an event, track, setup or instruction. Recent events have had a good number of drivers on TS at any time, it would be nice to have everyone.

Race restarts, club events are just for fun. Everyone however is serious about them and in a mood to race when the flag drops. Because drivers are in "race mode" at that time we will not restart any race if a driver loses connection or if a driver drops off the grid to the garage. There will be another event soon to enter and with a car and track you enjoy. Because we are careful and fair in our driving there will be no restarts for first lap mishaps no matter how many drivers have been hindered. Watch the rest of the race, help comment on the track action and wait for Race 2 if it's coming up. Please try to not "rage quit" but if you have been bothered by someone else's action take a 24 hour cool down and consider an incident report.