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    Reiza Studios prepare for new update to their Virtual Xperience multiplayer portal, encourages community and league managers to submit their data.

    The full note from Reiza Studios can be seen below:

    "We're in the process of preparing an update to VX which will include a new community directory and league finder section. This is a place where community managers and league organisers can input their info and users can search and find places to race.

    In order to help us get ready for the release and so we can have some data ready when the new areas go live on the main site we're calling all community and league managers to begin inputting data on our beta site (
    here). The data will be then be transferred onto the main site when we release in the coming days.

    In order to submit your organisation you will need to login with your Steam account. Enter the details on the form and provide a good description of what your community offers to potential users.

    Leagues in VX belong to Organisations so in order to add a league you must first create an organisation with your community details. After creating your organisation, click the details link in the community directory to get to your community hub. Here you will find controls to allow you to add leagues and edit/delete your data. Again with leagues try to provide potential users good information so they can make an informed decision about which leagues may be the best for them.

    There are rewards up for grabs for early adopters. Check out the latest dev update for details. To allow us to contact you regarding any rewards please associate your steam account in the forum (
    here) and drop me a pm or reply here to let us know you've submitted data.

    Thanks for your help and support!

    NOTE: (Friday 20:09 GMT):

    I'm currently putting the build of the main site together and transferring the data submitted to the beta site. The beta will be unavailable for a time to avoid duplicate data. You will be able to continue submitting data on the normal VX site (
    Virtual Xperience) soon".

    Automobilista is a racing simulation game from Reiza Studios. Available exclusively on Windows PC with additional DLC packages available at a further cost.

    AMS 1.jpg AMS 2.jpg AMS 3.jpg AMS 4.jpg

    Here at RaceDepartment we have our very own dedicated sub forum for Automobilista. In our sub forum you will find a wide selection of downloadable content to discover, from some of the best add on tracks to a selection of interesting vehicles, our downloads section is a positive treasure trove of additional content for AMS. If that isn't enough, we also pride ourselves on hosting some of the most exciting and intense multiplayer racing events for the game. If you like AMS and want to take your enjoyment to the next level, head over to the Racing Club and Leagues section of our Automobilista sub forum and find out what we have on offer. Of course we love our community here at RD and to help spread the love we cover all the latest news regarding the sim, and offer you a place to share your opinions and discussion topics regarding all Reiza titles. Head on over to the AMS sub forum and join in the discussion today!

    Have you tried the Virtual Xperience portal? What do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. ttleon


    I must admit, my heart skipped a beat when I read 'virtual' and immediate thought of VR. Nice update anyway
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    Looks to be a nice little update!
    Hopefully this will help populate the mp servers a bit more, outside of the amazing RD club/leagues races the online servers are pretty empty which puzzles me considering how good this title is.
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  5. Jan Mikuž

    Jan Mikuž

    The community section is getting cluttered pretty fast. I suggest listing the entries as expandable/drop down tabs like with the laptimes in the Leaderboards section.
    Since this Community page seems to only be meant to provide general info about every races organizer,
    I think there's plenty enough room to present it this way and it will look much better and organized too.

    There should be a page provided, where admins are able to announce races, again in the same drop down style as above-mentioned. This way we can go to this page and immediately see what is on on any particular day. And maybe even make it able to sign up right there as well, leave a comment, ask smth, etc...

    This VX site looks very basic atm.
    What are your plans with it exactly ?
    In its final state what other options, tools, functionalities will there be available ?

  6. ears


    Reiza ... virtual ... VIRTUAL ... ah. Ah well, maybe next time.
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