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Reiza Studios and Armaroli Simulators announce Formula Amaroli

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Bram Hengeveld, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    Formula_Armaroli..jpg Londrina Brazil, 19h March 2010.
    Brazilian developer to deliver thrilling virtual racing experience

    Reiza Studios will be releasing to the public the car that has been widely celebrated by professional and virtual racers alike as a thrilling racing sensation: The Formula Armaroli was developed to be part of the experience promoted by Armaroli in its events and virtual competitions – and now all owners of ISI´s rFactor simulator will be able to drive it.

    We approached Reiza to have them develop the ultimate virtual racing car for our competitions” says Marcelo Armaroli, head of Armaroli Simulators and a former racing driver himself. “We were looking for a car that, when combined with the environment provided by our simulators, could almost fool the senses of the virtual racers into believing they were actually experiencing the thrills of handling a powerful single seater”.

    The concept of the Formula Armaroli is based on a classic Grand Prix car weighing 540kg, powered by a 650HP turbo engine but deprived of some of the newer technologies from the last 20 years” explains Renato Simioni, head of development at Reiza Studios. “We felt that such an “old-school” concept was the best way to achieve the kind of visceral, greatly satisfying driving experience we were looking to provide - one that managed to combine massive power and grip with a challenging yet stimulating drive, always inviting the virtual racer to try push it a little harder”.

    The reactions from the people who got to experience the car first-hand during Armaroli´s virtual racing competition which took place in Caraguatatuba beach earlier in the year suggests they succeeded, as the eight simulators equipped with the Formula Armaroli were constantly on demand. The event culminated in a high profile competition featuring brazilian celebrities and professional racing drivers – all of whom were unanimous in their praise for the experience provided by the Armaroli Simulator and the Formula Armaroli.

    The sim-racing community will soon be able to experience this new car, as the Formula Armaroli will be released as a free add-on car for rFactor in the very near future.

    Be sure to visit www.reizastudios.com for more images of the Formula Armaroli and information on its release as they become available.

    For more information on Armaroli Simulators, visit www.armaroli.com
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    I'm going to put this information (==> linked directly to racedepartment) on another forum.
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