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Reiza please optimise the dust effects.


Anyone see real bad FPs drops with dust. Even with medium settings on special effects. The start at Austria on the right hand side dust appears and that knocks my fps by about 20. in replays it goes down to as low as 19!.

most other times im running a solid 60 on most tracks.
Yes, it might be just in my head but I think I noticed it since V1.2.

What kind of AA are you using? Any type of Supersampling can KILL framerates when dust/smoke etc. particles/effects get displayed.

Try setting the following from "1" to "0" in your player.plr file.

Rearview Particles="1"
Engine Emitter Flow="1" // Whether engine smoke/flames flow over emitting vehicle
Tire Emitter Flow="1" // Whether tire smoke/dust flow over emitting vehicle
Smoke Flow="1" // Whether all smoke/flames/dust flow over non-emitting vehicles


hi mate..

I actually do run SS x4, as I cant stand the jaggies in game at a distance. But even without the SS running, I still get a considerable drop in fps... Austria is the worst for me so far. and I only get it at the start.
Other than the start, do you have the same kind of drops, framerate percentage wise, as when you have SS disabled and run just "normal" multisampling AA?

Also, did you try to edit those lines in your PLR? You can always change them back to "1" if you like, it will not harm anything :)


I just tried those lines, and still got a drop to 43 fps (at Austria in f3 at the start) then the rest of the race runs at solid 60, even on the back straight.

without CCC running and 5x AA (in game) I don't get a drop, unless I do a replay trackside cam drops to 30! (that's with the lines altered/unaltered above)
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