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Apr 27, 2010
when I add textures to the game (made by me or someone else) sometimes I have that problem... I had the same issue since I put some downloaded mod for the ads on track....the only solution I find is to lower the graphics....
So... the game starts with my normal graphics, and everything works fine during sessions...but at the end of each session (P,Q,R) when we go the the trailer or the podium it keeps loading.....Now I save during the race/qualy/practice because I know its gonna happen.... restart the game with the low graphics, just cross the line and then once Im on the trailer I put again the normal graphics. (I have 2Gb of VRAM... on the limit) I get used to it... its a little bit frustrating.... we know that in previous versions if you put some custom files you werent able to save in career mode. maybe is a codemasters thing to mess with modders, maybe its about graphic card... Idont know, but this is the solution I found.