Red Bull wheel: a small PSSG editing request


Original poster
Feb 22, 2013
Hi to all,

As you there is big superficial mistake in the game by Codemasters, since the Williams wheel is far away from the real one.
This is the only mod who try to solve this ( and it's beautiful but has the big bug of the driver sitting too close, 'cause the creator used the Toro Rosso wheel from F1 2013.

So I tried to use the Red Bull 2014 wheel on the Williams, just by renaiming the interiors file, and... IT WORKS! The only problem is the Infiniti logo that remains on the Williams, and that has nothing to do with that car... so I'm asking, very selfishly, just remove this logo and make this great favor to all the community, maybe it takes just 2 minutes to one able using the PSSG editor.
(And if he wants he can also add a Williams logo :D, just joking).

I can return the favor by doing the thing that I edit better, the AI on some track, as I did for Austria :D or anything else I can do.

Anyway thanks for reading if you did and thanks if you will make this favor.

Cheers, Paolo
(Smorzalo ingame :cool::D)