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Red Bull have had a bunch Trophies stolen


Assetto Corsa Competizione Club Staff
Staff member
Nov 13, 2010
Did Vettel take the security guards with him too? Very odd that such a building would go unprotected.
Unprotected? Nahh, they just knocked on the front door with something a bit larger than a fist ;)
Took out the entire front of the building to get to the trophies. Security was reported to be monitoring somewhere else in the building, could be they had a distraction or something :p

Bruno Sousa Ferreira

Strategy Mister!
Jul 19, 2009
lets put it this way, the thieves stole the least valuable things in that building.
(next season car design would be worth a bit more than some trophies)

Chris Jenkins

Driving til the wheels fall off
Oct 13, 2010
The building was ram-raided.
There were security guards working, but there's nothing they could've done.

Really horrible news. The factory is only 2 mins from my house. Makes me dislike the area!

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Odd robbery this. What are those thieves going to do with it? Brag in the pub that they've become constructor champions?

Robert vd Heide

Piloting RC Helicopters and sim Racecars
Mar 13, 2013
Odd robbery this. What are those thieves going to do with it? Brag in the pub that they've become constructor champions?
it may be the revenge of an employee that was fired
and thought he earned those trophees too

no serious ,professional criminal would steal sports relics like these

of course we could check first if theo Maassen hasnt got those to put next to his PSV cups ;)


Jun 4, 2013
It is truly a pity. Those trophies were the team's pride. Well at least I take some comfort in
knowing that they were insured, so they could easily reconstruct them using the insurance money,

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Mar 15, 2011
It really sucks.
600 odd people's pride and joy and the tangible rewards of a teams incredible journey from Stewart Ford to Jaguar to Red Bull.
Its sounds too professional to be some idiot. Also to items are not sale-able. So it smell to me like a "rob to order" scenario like seen in the art world.
Some billionare decides they would suit his new den. Possibly one with a dislike of energy drinks or Mateshitz.