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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by David Hudson, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. David Hudson

    David Hudson

    There are so many options that can be mapped to the buttons of my CSR wheel. I am unsure which settings I should map and which I should ignore.

    I am considering racing in the Mini series but do not know what functions I need. For example 'Request Pitstop', is this required?

    Perhaps someone can direct me to some information on required setting or give me examples of what I should setup.

  2. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    My guess is that everyone has different mappings as everyone probably has different needs.

    I simply map:
    Pit stop request
    Pit stop limiter
    DRS/Push to Pass (you can assign these to the same button as you wont have a car with both functions)
    Buttons to adjust pit stop settings (fuel, tires)
    Buttons to look left, right and behind.

    Off my head, that is it.

    I also have one button for Teamspeak.
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  3. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    The list from Warren seems pretty complete to me. Just to answer your question about 'Request Pitstop': it is very important to map this button. When you want to make a pit stop, you should first request it: that way, your crew will be ready to go. You can of course dive in the pits without any warning but then your stop will take longer because the crew will be surprised…
    Also, once you've requested a stop, a window will appear in the lower right corner and you can adjust the work that will be done: fuel (this can be set before the start of the race but sometimes the prediction are not spot on…:whistling:), tires (this cannot be preset. And if tires wear is not an issue, your stop could be a lot faster if you take 2 or no tires compare to 4), damage (this is very important too: we run the club races here with very low damage but by default the game will consider a 100% damage and repair your car. Again, you will loose time here if you do not cancel the damage repair).

    Don't be frightened by my too long answer: it is not that complicated… :) And it works exactly the same offline: you can practice before joining online. Of course in the action we all did mistakes, and learnt from that: it is not that important if you join a Mini Friday… That would be a good practice before the league. ;)
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  4. Diego Balzarini

    Diego Balzarini

    I have the same wheel, I also made a button box.
    I mapped the wheels button this way:
    Dpad up for pitstop request
    Dpad down for speed limiter
    Dpad left and right for look left-right
    Dpad push for ffb reset
    I assume you use paddles for shifting
    I use the two black buttons next to the display for neutral (left to the display) and lcd mode (right to the display)
    Lcd mode is for the old HUD, (I don't use dynhud).
    The XYBA are used for lcd up/down-increase/decrease for pitstop changes.

    Use the other four orange buttons for teamspeak, drs/ptp, maybe brake bias.

    I think that should be enough for the minis

    If you dont use auto ignition make sure you map 2 buttons for it. Hope it helps.
    Minis are great fun
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  5. ouvert


    Not specific to Minis but in general things you need to have access without thinking about them ...
    • brake balance (if you like to change brake bias based on how fast you are entering braking zone)
    • DRS/P2P (you wanna hit DRS as soon as in DRS zone ... no worries with minies though :) )
    • speed limiter (you don`t wanna miss the limit and get drive through)
    • look right/left/behind (specialy on single screen, now with Crew Chief or some apps for AC you can live without it but I`m just used to look around)
    Other than that I have on wheel:
    • pit request (don`t really needs to be on wheel as you just wait for long straigh in lap before you wanna pit)
    • microfone activation (for MP, Idon`t like always on or voice activated mics)
    • scrolling through HUD pages/layouts or HUD on/off (if you like to use minimalistic HUD you have to scroll through that infopanel)
    • driving camera (no need .. just had extra button)
    • headlights and whipers (when I`m using button box I move it there .. other than for flashing lights (don`t flash at Bram :) ) you don`t really need those)
    • TC/ABS (you probably will change TC as your tyres goes away/track surface rubbers/weather changes)
    • ignition (in case you forget you are drivign manual car :) )
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  6. David Hudson

    David Hudson

    Thanks guys
  7. William Wester

    William Wester

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