Recommendation for an entry level wheel and pedals


after playing AC, ACC, and several other racing games/simulations for some time with my Xbox Series X wireless controller I am thinking about getting an entry-level wheel and pedals set.

Between a Thrustmaster TMX PRO Force Feedback (with T3PA pedals) and a Logitech Driving Force G29, which do you recommend and why? By the way, a Thrustmaster TMX PRO Force Feedback and a Thrustmaster T150 Pro Force Feedback cost about the same price. What are the differences between them?

I know that a Thrustmaster T300RS GT or more premium sets will provide me with a much better experience than a TMX PRO Force or a G29 but this is not an option for me right now.

Thank you very much.
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I used to own a Thrustmaster T150 before switching to a Logitech G29 and it was definitely an improvement. Especially the pedals: the T150 uses a spring that breaks easily and I had to change mine regularly, which didn't improve the braking feel. Now with the G29 braking feels more solid. I also have more control, like trailbraking is easier.
The only thing with the breakpedal on the G29 is that it uses a rubber block at the end of the axis the emulate the feel of a real brake pedal, so you have to use a lot of force to max the brake. Some people remove the rubber block, but i'm not a fan of that. It just needs some getting used to.
Oh and for a small price you can add a shifter to the G29, which makes shifting a lot of fun when racing older cars (and I know the G27 had the shifter included, but what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
So I'd go with the G29, but you know... Just my opinion:)
OK then,
I´ll provide a (slightly) different opion.

It only differs in the wheel department, what he said about the Logitech having the better ( entry level) pedalset is true!

I myself testdrove a G920 on a Playseat at a colleagues and didn´t like it one bit.
Very notchy and no power in the feedback.

My entry was aT300 where I almost at the beginning changed to a loadcell converted T3PA pro which I got used for 90€.

If you you can somehow manage to get a beltdrive wheel ( maybe on the used market) I´d recommend that strongly because they are much smoother and give more detailed FFB.

(BTW, the difference between TMX and T150 is wheather they have a PS4 or a XBox mode.)

If you go that way you´ll probably want to upgrade the pedals on the long run, Thrustmaster offers a loadcell based pedalset which gets a lot of love around here.

Only problem will be cost :(

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My suggestion is to not buy these entry level wheels new. Many people have bought these things, decided they didn't like sim racing after like two weeks, and then put them on sale in like new condition.

I have used a G27, a T300, a CSL, and now a VRS DFP. Between the T150 and a G29, definitely a G29. Between a G29 and a T300 I would say probably neck and neck because the T300 pairs with worse pedals.

Yes the belt drive T300 is slightly smoother and it is stronger, but the notchiness in T300 is heavy (compared to CSL), and T300 is still a very, very weak wheel. I would say the only major advantage of T300 over G29 in terms of ffb is the center deadzone feeling on G29 - which you can kind of reduce by adding minimal force in game setting. And yes if you go T300 you can get in its ecosystem, but it is very likely you are gonna want to upgrade the T300 base, and it would be hard to just sell the base.
Yeah I do agree with you both. When buying a wheel like this, be mindful that it is an entry level wheel and that it comes with it's "problems". I got my G29 not at full price, which made it worth it to make the switch but I would like to upgrade in the future.

more feel = higher price (most of the time:whistling:)