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Recommend a Thrustmaster Wheel Rim?


Feb 17, 2018
I have a TS PC-Racer base with Ferrari 488 wheel. Love the base. The wheel rim - not so much. I'm not a fan of the Alcantara feel, and the buttons are a bit of a reach for me, so maybe something smaller might be better. (I've got some arthritis in my hands...).

So, I'm thinking of purchasing a different rim to use with this base. I already have an F1 style wheel rim, but I'm looking for something more compatible with rally sims and GT.

I came across the Leather 28GT, but I'm not sure about its compatibility with the PC-Racer base.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something from the Thrustmaster ecosystem?

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Sep 25, 2011
The Sparco P310, or an R383 if you want a round one. They are both replicas of real competition wheels, and are realistic in every way. The leather 28GT will fit your TC-PC base too, but it feels like a cheap toy compared to the Sparco. If you don't like the alcantara rim, buy some gloves to get the proper feel. Real racing wheels nearly always have alcantara, because of the grip. The 28GT is very slippery, I hated mine and sold it on quickly.
I also have the Ferrari 599XX, Evo. also with an alcantara rim, but it's only my reserve wheel. Since getting the Sparco P310 I hardly use anything else.
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