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Recent Need for Speed games and Wheel Support

Ryan Soucy

Hey all, just finished building a new PC (will post pics, will sell old setup) and I want to try out some eye candy games. I have Game Pass and get access to a lot of EA games and I love a good arcade racer. I played the heck out of Burnout Paradise for instance.

So I downloaded NFS (2016) and it looks amazing, and plays well with the gamepad, but it does not recognize my TM TX (with F1 wheel) which should be recognized as a 458 Spider wheel. Pretty common. No support from the internet on getting it to work. I also d/l'ed NFS Heat but haven't gotten a chance to try it. Supposedly its got wheel support but its finicky, so I'll likely be disappointed there too.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the more recent NFS games working with TM wheels? I've pretty much owned it all, as you can probably tell since I'm slumming in the NFS series... I might as well just stick to Forza Horizon 5, which runs great. Or I could install Dirt 5, which I've played over the cloud, but the game is too schizophrenic for me.


Ryan Soucy

So, NFS 2016, I can't get the wheel to work. Too bad, the graphics looks great, as does the car selection.

NFS Heat has wheel support and I have it working, but the buttons are weird and not configurable. Game does not look great, does not run great. It must be poorly optimized as it was causing heating issues with my 5800X.

The Crew 2 runs okay. Wheel supported, but configuring the buttons is a bit of a hassle. The fact that you have boats and planes to control with the wheel is an extra step too. I have to come up with a good way to control a plane with wheel and pedals. I like the Crew 1, and just ripping across the US is just what I wanted to do. Its nice that Ubisoft lefts you try out that full game though.

Forza Horizon 5 is really the gold standard. Its like why on earth did Brad Pitt cheat on Jennifer Aniston? FH5 is my Jennifer Aniston. Maybe there's an Angelina Joie of racing games out there.