Reasonably Priced Car: Voting

Which car do you feel captured the idea of the contest the best?

  • Repus Xplora

    Votes: 4 10.5%
  • BPM Cascada L

    Votes: 18 47.4%
  • Rauss Iota-B

    Votes: 7 18.4%
  • Star-T Beach

    Votes: 9 23.7%

  • Total voters


I'm almost there, but I've delayed the voting too long. Looks like I'll have to release my car AFTER the Competition.


Star-T Beach

Repus Xplora (RPE not included)

Rauss Iota-B

BPM Cascada L (other Cascada variants are not included)


I voted for the Star-T Beach because it's the most complete car of the group in my opinion. It looks like it manages to be inexpensive yet carrying personalization features still. It's too light by the competition rules, though.

The Repus Xplora is fine by the rules, but appears unfinished and apart from it's size, doesn't feel like a budget vehicle to me.

The Rauss Iota-B is over the weight and power limit, though it fits the bill of a modern budget compact car.

The BPM Cascada L is the most utilitarian budget vehicle in the group and has a large feature set, though it's too heavy for the competition limit.

Mr Whippy

I voted the Star T too :D

Mmmm, feels like something you might see on an advert on TV tomorrow. Really nice design imo!

I judged mainly on design by the way, just liked the way it looked :D



Star-T - Arguably, it's the best looking model. Looks distinct, yet realistic and fun. Physics (until he reworked them) seemed a bit stale and boring.

Xplora - It's good quality, but it feels like "another Repus vehicle". It drives and feels like a tall Velox.

Cascada L - Model isn't the prettiest, but the physics are very realistic and it's entertaining (in a realistic way)

Iota B - Was shaping up to be good, but needed more time to be finished.


RACER Moderator
Ironically I thought the Star-T seemed to be incomplete to me. Especially considering the interior was from a Pug and the gauges were modified and from the 350z (iirc?)

I vote cascada. I like the design the most and I feel it is the most realistic.


I voted for the Cascada because it covers all the aspects a reasonably priced car should cover, looks good and is great value for money.

Still the Star-T looks better but it's not reasonably priced. It is cheap because it is small.


I wouldn't buy one, but I voted for the Cascada.

The Star-T is beautifully made, but in "IRL" terms it's musch more of a fashion accessory, whereas the Cascada is a practical, sensible transport solution for a low budget, which is what the competition was about.


Since we are doing this.. I voted for the Xplora, for several reasons,
the main one being that of all the cars, this is the only one that made
an impression and that I have any memory of driving.

It was was nice to drive, looks funny and is different. Of course it still
needs some work, but my overall impression was that this is a fun car!

Just my 2c.


This is a shock. Didn`t expect to win but only three votes after all the work i genuinely put into it. What a waste of my time which I could have spent doing something else.

P.S. Cascada deseved to win btw.


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Lol...the point of the contest was to make your own fictional car that's reasonably priced, not make a vauxhall!
so how the **** is it a reasonably priced car if it doesnt exist

edit: sorry for my overreaction, im new here and didnt know what the competition was about. but the title is deceiving.


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It has to be realistic... you know... realistic materials, engine etc.. so that IF it were real, it would be classed as 'reasonably priced'. Get it?

@AMGfan, nice lol xD
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