Rear View on second monitor? Is this possible????

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dave Flower, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Dave Flower

    Dave Flower

    Is it possible to have a second monitor connected to my PC and get one of the in game views (looking back etc) to display on the second monitor?

    I have tried something similar by having a second pc in a server and rather than racing the second player using it purely on Race Monitor as a rear view - works really well because you can see cars behind/alongside you in the second pc's monitor while having your main pc on your normal racing view. However this does require more than 1 pc, more than 1 steam account, and does of course waste a server slot so is not an effective solution. I know the output for 'look back' must exist what I want to know is how to tap in and use this on an extra monitor as an extra mirror as I find one of my biggest problems is being able to judge how close a car is once I loose sight of it in the incar or virtual mirrors.

    Any advice greatly appreciated - bear in mind I am not rich, and don't have more than one graphics card in my pc, nor do I have a triple head unit. Although I would be interested in reading about how these work, particularly in how to find and utilise these additional view outputs (if its even possible). For example could the game output rear view to another pc so it could be used to display the rear view.

    Just read this post again - I am wondering if it makes any sense at all to anyone!!!
  2. Philip Antonia

    Philip Antonia

    It makes sense and I've wondered this b4 myself. I have no idea if it's possible and to be honest if it was I'm sure it would be used quite widely. So I'd say it's not likely I'm afraid, but I may be wrong :).
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