RealFeel problem

I am new to realfeel but I have a couple of mods which also have a realfeel file to insert. What I am finding is that if I enter the settings into the realfeel ini and I choose a car from that mod, then the realfeel setting is ignored adn another one is in the ini under the car number.
I attach an example of what I mean. You will see that e.g. the McLaren setting on top is that from the mod file, but when I choose a McLaren it sets another setting with a driver name. It is totally different from the original setting.
Can anyone help me here as to where I am going wrong with RealFeel?


  • realfeel changes in Blancpain mod.txt
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Perhaps something wrong in the veh. In the veh, "description" indicates the realfeel to take. Only the first 5 lettres are concerned. Strange that everything is written here
Understood, but I guess you have no idea what is wrong? How do I avoid RFeel changing it?
Anyone else have any ideas? Thanks.

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Are you copying/pasting the the real feel from a read me file within the mod?
If so delete it than take the car/mod out on track exit the game reopen the realfeel.ini within your gsc folder find the new realfeel created for that car and manually edit the numbers to match the mods suggested figures and save.
Just checked all the .veh "descriptions" and they are in the format shown in the changed example in my attachment. Have now gone thru them all and labelled the descriptios as per the descriptions in the mod RFeel file. Works OK now.