Real world professional drivers feedback on sim racing realism


Feb 7, 2020
Its not a new concept of course but I’m sure for many of us a solid source of (hopefully honest) feedback from real world professional drivers would still be extremely interesting, no ?

Yet I'm speechless how there seems to actually be a rise in the number of simracing Youtubers out there who promote themselves as qualified reviewers despite them all having completely different hardware setups and no real world experience whatsoever, I honestly lose the will... I don't mean to pick on Youtubers specifically, its just that they are potentially the most influential.

A recent Youtube video by Jimmy Broadbent, one of the few gems who realises that he can instead just be one hell of an entertainer showed how someone who has done millions of kilometres in sims over the years can then spin off a wet track after just a few cautious laps in a real world car. The thing is most people if experiencing the exact same thing when jumping into a new sim would probably say that its unrealistic.

So without opening any debate whatsoever (I've seen too many well meaning people fail trying over the years) I'll simply compile and manage a list of video links to real world drivers generous enough to offer their feedback on any sim and platform (not quotes or articles, they are too hard to verify). For obvious reasons to what extent they are being honest is up to you to decide but if anyones opinion counts its theirs, period, the sim racing guy with no track experience but a strong opinion nonetheless is NOT the next best thing !

Even with feedback from the pros certain aspects of sim racing like FFB and view setup are entirely hardware dependent so unless you have the same gear as they do it will be subjective and not particularly relevant but any reference at all to a sims physics engine or content is objective since we all use the same software ;)

Anyway please send me any relevant video links you come across, positive or negative, so that with absolute respect to the developers we rely on we can have full transparency for the benefit of sims to come. Lastly, if anyone feels driven to do a better job of this than I can, maybe even put together a dedicated site then you have my full support :)


Scott Mansell



Ben - aka "Kame Trick"



David Perel



Stefan Johansson

Joe Lusk

Andreas Bakkerud

David Perel



Chris Goodwin

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