Real Racers = Nutters


I mean that in the nicest possible way but I've thought about this a lot. People like Valentino Rossi or any motorcyclist and any race driver for that matter. They can break a leg, collarbone, have a crash and spend the night in hospital only to discharge themselves so they can race. We've all probably seen at least one real life racer driving/riding with some sort of injury. It's obviously the rush of the track, like a drug that they can't do without however much pain they may be in. It must be in their DNA lol. Then compare to Premiership footballers get a little tap and fall over as If they've been shot lol! I love my football but compared to real racing drivers, they're a bunch of wimps! Your thoughts please.

Omer Said

I think running around a huge pitch for 45/45 minutes is nearly impossible with a slight injury on legs or so. A normal person can't even endure in a real football match for more than 30 minutes or so even without an injury i guess.But driving a racing car is a different story as your position is stable. Also football players dramatize their falls to influence referees as well. So i believe this comparison between racers and football players is a bit harsh.

On the other hand, MotoGP riders deserve some real respect in this regard. Most of them have injuries and their job is much harder physically as you align yourself to the turning side of the bike constantly. And when you look at their body shape, they look like stick figures as they have to be as light as they can. It must be the most demanding motorsports physically.
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