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real physic of bike

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by Sord, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Sord



    I am physic sutedent from finland and I have a problem: there is no real bike simulations on earth so tell me what i should do at winter?

    All simulations that have bikes are more or less car games with bike models and ability to fall. So is it very hard simulate motorbikes? I tested that one... I make little simulation how motorbike turn. In two dimension with unlimited friction etc... code is just few dozen lines. But it include among others things gyro power, how bike try fix its turning and
    controlling is done like in real world: counter steering. Also its
    very easy add weight moving. So it isn't physic engine but it show
    that its possible (and pretty easy) to simulate. If we want (and of course) add third dimension happenings we should just add moments from normal (your) physic engine. Of course there are more things to do but tolerantly it is like i say.

    I think that driving would feel very cool with force feedback joy /
    wheel. Also it would fully diffrent style driving.

    Little example what driving is with physic that i am thinking:
    Biggest move do ff and turning is more like forcing wheel little bit not turning it. When you want turn left you just give little
    force to right and bike will lean left and ff bring wheel left too. To
    keep your knee on ground just keep forcing little bit wheel to right
    (and just little bit if you put wheel against force to example 90
    degrees right you will fall). Bend changing direction another side so
    we turn wheel fast to left and bike throw us to right (and ff took
    wheel also right)...
    I hope that you understand what is happening. This could be first game
    that you can feel bike driving like it really is!

    What your physic engine like plan like this? Can it calculate round tires? Its just few new moments and "auto turn". Opinions?
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