Real driving experience on Formula Renault 2.0 car for FREE for the best AC sim-racers


Hi everyone! I would like to present you what we are doing for sim-racers to get them chance to drive a real sport car. Let me start with brief introduction. We are sim-racing team (racing in open wheel series) established in 2011. Since that we had ups and downs but past year we did grow as team and organization a lot. We onboarded top-class sim races, introduced Driver Development program, partnered with large sim-league and more.. And most amazing thing – we bought a real racing car – Formula Renault 2.0. The car serviced in France, managed by professional racing team. Our objective, passion and strategy – to link sim-racers with real experience. To make a dream of dedicated and passion sim racer to drive a car and maybe be the next David Perel. This summer we partnered with formula one series sim-league (running on Assetto Corsa) to offer FREE track day test on Formula Renault 2.0 car to a Championship Winner. The season ends late 2019 and the actual track day test is planned for 2020. We want to expand and grow and to promote of what we are doing. Would be nice to cooperate with sim content creators (sim-bloggers, journalists, etc.) to expand this opportunity for sim community. We plan to continue doing this prize for the next series as well. Also we might partner with other Leagues for them to use Track Day Test as promotion for the League.

I created this thread to inform sim-community about what we are doing and I would be happy to hear your feedback and to discuss it. Thanks!