Ready to lose my mind (XSECTOR2/AIW Bug/Laptimes Not Registering)

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by doser, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. doser


    I am literally 5 minutes away from banging my head against the wall until I give myself brain damage.

    After attempting to move the Sectors on Monza, I have ended up spending the last 8 hours trying to get it to register laptimes properly.

    I have tried re-making the AIW from scratch, there is nothing wrong with the XSECTOR's.

    All I did was move the original sectors keeping the faces pointing in the original orientation.

    They have not been rotated 180 degrees the wrong way.


    After almost 8 hours, I am going completely bonkers.

    This should be extremely easy to do, and I am not new to editing tracks.

    I had exactly the same problem when trying to modify the Abu Dhabi sectors last weekend.


    If anyone out there has a clue WTF is going on, I would appreciate your help.


    (There is NOTHING wrong with my XSECTORs)
    (I've tried re-making the AIW from scratch)
    (I have tried making new XSECTOR objects)

    The AIW never records a length for Sector 2

    When I drive around the track, Sector 1 always changes to Sector 2 fine

    But when I pass through XSECTOR2.GMT, NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. WTF!


    Once I reversed back over it, and it did register, but that was about 2 hours ago

    Since then, it doesn't even work if I reverse back over it anymore.

    Driving me literally bonkers.


    The Pros out there, help me please.