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Graham Laing

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Oct 8, 2010
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In this sub-forum you can release finished game modifications for the benefit of the whole of the F1 2014 The Game community.

No other type of posting is allowed in this forum, this forum is for actual mod releases only, no questions, requests, or WIP (Work In Progress) or Beta threads.

If you have modding questions, a request for a mod, or a work in progress, then you should post in the sticky threads provided for you at the top of the mod forum.

What content can be modded and uploaded?

There is no restriction here at RD over what content you can modify and upload to RD. The only restrictions are what Codemasters/Steam have put in place themselves.

The uploading of cracks, or fixes for cracks etc. Is not allowed at all.

If you are using someone else's mod as a base for your mod, then please get their permission first. At a minimum give them full credit for their base work in the thread you create when uploading.

If content is used without the original modder's permission, then we will only accept complaints via the report system and by the original modder. He must only report it he wants to request that the content be removed.


How to upload and share your mods?
In the new F1 2014 Resource Manager you'll find three different categories under which you can file your project(s):
*Please Note*

All projects must be uploaded via the Resource Manager. No projects will be accepted without you using the Resource Manager. No external hosts are allowed.

If your project is bigger than 300MB, then please split the mod into chunks of up to 300 MB each, then upload each part separately, linking them to each other in the threads automatically created when you upload to RD.

Select a sub-category and click the "add resource"button in the F1 2014 Resource Manager and complete all the fields. Please include a version number (like 1.0 for example). If you ever need to update the mod, you upload a new file and change the version number (see Updating a Resource below). Once your mod has finished uploading an automatically created discussion thread with a prefix, and a download link will appear in this sub-forum where the community can give you feedback, leave a rating (important!), ask for support or just thank you for all the work you've done.

Updating a resource

If you need to update your mod, please update your original resource. Modify your file, and upload the whole mod to RD .

An update post will automatically be added to your original thread, and a forum notification or email will be sent to your thread or mod subscribers, informing them of your update.


1/ Upload your new updated file via the red ringed button (picture below)

2/ You MUST change the version number in the blue ringed box, otherwise the file you just uploaded in 1/ above will be ignored (leaving your old original file behind)

3/ Changing the title of the mod is optional (green ringed), most people don't touch it

4/ The message box should be used (orange ringed), it is recommended that you post something here to describe what changes you have made with this update. For example "Esso logo added to rear wing", that sort of thing.

5/ Now click the 'Save Update' button at the bottom left of the screen

6/ Done!



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Graham Laing

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Oct 8, 2010

We try to get our Modding community to stick to a format, which gives you the viewer/user the best overview of the modders file.

Looking at the overview page shows a description, a few pictures, sometimes a video and you can also see all the updates which have been made to the original upload.

Follow this link to browse the F1 2014 mods that are available



It's extremely simple to download a file to the archive. Simply click the "Download Now" button to start the downloading process.



Don't forget to rate each resource you download, this helps the community see an overall rating for each file. If you are stuck or experience issues, please ask inside the thread of the file and one of our great community members will try to assist you.


After you have left a review for the modder, if you want to make more comments, or discuss the mod in more depth, the please use either of the circled links to post in the mod's discussion thread. The review tab is not designed for chatting. (See image below).

Please do NOT use the crossed-out Report links, they are NOT Reply links. The report links are for bringing something important to the Staff's attention. We have a tremendous amount of reports raised in error, by people who think they are replying to other posters comments by using the report link



If you need any help please feel free to ask away!
If you see a post which is offensive or bullying, please hit the 'Report' button at the bottom of any post.


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