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Reaching out to previous league owners

Discussion in 'F1 2017 - The Game' started by Bram Hengeveld, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    As you might have seen in the club and league section we are going all in this year with F1 2017 and have created three official RaceDepartment leagues, which will be a first time for the F1 series.

    In previous years a lot of players have run their own series on RD and we would love to connect with them again to see if they are interested in joining the ranks of staff to help running the official series.

    Also if you weren't part of our leagues before but you would like to help with your expertise (management, business, social media, racing director etc) don't miss out and get in contact with @RaceDepartment. We are looking for (wannabe :D) professionals over the age of 18.

    Let's make this a great season!
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