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Frapp Lee

Is the Radical SR3-RSX a DX11 car only? I have four rF2 installs - 2 non-Steam, a Dx9, and a DX11 Steam install. In Dx11 the car drives like a dream. In my Steam DX9 install the FFB is inverted and the rear brakes drag. I can hear the tire scrubbing sound and if I push the clutch in the car comes to a stop rather quickly, ie no coasting. If I stop on a hill, it won't roll backwards. In car information screen of LCD Mode, I can see the rear tires heating up as the car moves.

Has anybody experienced anything like this? Is there a fix for this?

Should I rebuild the rear wheel cylinders?

I would like to be able to run in DX9 as I can run larger fields in DX9.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Frapp Lee

Marcel, I don't intend to be a smartie, but, that tells me nothing. I don't recall mentioning anything about physics, I merely tried to describe, in as much detail as I could, a very real phenomenon that I am experiencing between the two different installs. I have unsubscribed to remove it and re-subscribed twice, and still the same result.

I had no idea that I would catch the ear of someone so high up "the Food Chain" so to speak - so as long as you are willing to weigh in on this, is there any way you could give this a bit more consideration and help me figure this out? I asked if this were a DX11 car only. If so, I would move along and LOVE IT! in DX11. From the information you gave me, I'm making the assumption that both DX9 and DX11 installs should operate in the same manner functionally. So then why the difference between the two installs? As stated, I have four installs, and this is the first time I have encountered anything like this.

When someone is considering bying rF2 and want other peoples opinion, I tell them that, the first time I drove the full version of rF2, I realized that I had been pushing cardboard cars around the dinner table with a pencil for the last twenty years. I have suffered abuse from the Philistines about my feelings towards rF2; and will gladly suffer again!

Thank you for an awesome product.

thepharsyde - In DX9 mode I can run larger fields. In DX11 mode, sure the car runs great, but I can't run as many cars in the field. Of course, I will continue to run it in DX11 mode.

Marcel Offermans

Studio 397
I was just making sure that there is no misconception about car physics in DX9 vs DX11 so you could eliminate that reason from your search to find the problem.

The difference in installs could come from your player folder, which holds all the configuration settings. To me the problem you describe with the specific install seems to indicate that there is something wrong with your controller configuration. If your brakes are on all of the time, either you've assigned the primary (or alternate) brake axis to a non-standard control, or simply the calibration for that control is off. The inversion of the FFB can also be an issue of the controller. Depending on what brand of wheel you use, FFB might need to be inverted and usually the profile you load as a starting point for your controller does that.

So, as an experiment, backup your player folder and then copy one from one of your "good" installs to see if that changes anything.


Krzysztof Maj
Our cars have exactly the same physics on both DX9 and DX11
I have a question about physics. Radical SR3-RSX is one of a few cars that has been updated to new CPM tire model (which has QSA fix). Do you know whether there are plans to upgrade tire CPM for other S397 cars?
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