RDSCS S2 - Stock Car Series (ARCA Sim Racing)

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RDSCS S2 - New Starting time?

hey guys
for season 2 we will be racing most likely a different day with a different time (saturday)
the question is, how late can you race?

Yves Larose

for me its either 20:00 or 23:00 GMT, the other 2 are right during dinner time for me but my prference goes for 20:00 GMT
For me everything after 19 gmt doesnt work for me.. but if there is gonna be a league i can always join for 1 or 2 races instead of a whole season when i have no work in that weekend:)

Xosé Estrada

I won't be able to race this one because:

1) ARCA is not working anymore in my computer
2) I can't race on saturdays :(

Have fun guys!
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