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RDRC S9 Round 7 - Rally Scotland (26th April - 2nd May 2021)

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
FInal Results are out! You can find them here!

Point Scoring drivers overall

Point Scoring drivers RDRC-2

Point Scoring drivers RDRC-3

Point Scoring drivers J-RDRC

Reeally late report from me (time issues bla-bla :whistling:)
Scotland is one of my favourites in the game, since the road character resembles the swedish summer stages in my area quite good. Had a good start with no mistakes up until a km before the end of stage 3, where i took a right hander a bit too tight and clipped a hidden log which flip me over and autoresetted my car.

Got through to service with not to much to repair, and choose hard tyres to maybe have some rubber left for powerstage. Tried to keep a "safe" pace which worked okay up to stage 9 where we hit a bank a bit too hard and put the car on it's side. Eventually it tipped back down on the wheels, but lost all confidence and rhytm for the rest of that stage. Also had a pretty hard tree hit just before finish, luckily without much damage.

Following 2 stages just trying to conserve the car to have a decent run for power stage points. But halfway into PS i drifted wide and smacked my front end into a log pile, which caused some severe damage to my Polo. Crawling devastated to the finish, only to realise i still got a podium finish!! :) And by that i was able to keep my top five in the overall standings, which is far above my expectations going into this season, super happy!!

Thanks to all the organizing crew, you've made a fantastic job :inlove: :thumbsup:

Scotland was definitely a Challenge for a Season Ending!
luckily i survived even tho i had an Engine Problem on the last two Stages and even managed to end the Season in style with a Victory :)

didnt think I'd come out on top in the J-RDRC, definitely some very fast n talanted Drivers in there, but Overall Consistency was on my side :)

Thanks for organizing guys! great fun this season. :thumbsup:
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0.00.043! I made a lot of mistakes during the rally (my signature stupid ones and also new ones), but didn't expect that sneezing mid-stage would cost me a position :D

This was fun! Thanks and congrats to the organisers for an exciting season, looking forward to joning S10 also (and taking it a little more seriously also).
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