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RDRC S9 Round 7 - Rally Scotland (26th April - 2nd May 2021)


Day 2 report:
I was pleasantly surprised that despite the crashes only minor damage had occured and all could be fixed easily with plenty of time left:

So initially things looked pretty good for day 2, but that was all about to change...

As I had not practiced night driving here in scotland, I soon found out that night visibility here was way worse than other rallies.:confused::O_o:
Additionally, it took me about 4 corners to hit something and knock my light bar off

So then the world became even darker...

This being a very long and very dark stage, of course this could not end well: With about 2 sectors left, I damaged my engine, my radiator, and scored a puncture on this pile of logs..:(. Like Roy, I got more damage here than in all of day 1

SS7 I was very scared of the amount of engine damage, so I took it easy and all went rather well..
Then came SS8, the heavy rain stage. At the start my car looked like this:

From inside:

During the stage I visited some ditches:

Knocked over some signs:

But most importantly I also discovered some unnamed "rocks inside":confused:

which also got me my second punture.:O_o: Yikes!! Running out of spare tires here..
Also the engine sounded more and more sick..

After this stage I had to take a short break, and I ALT+TABbed out of the game.
When I came back to take on SS9, not only did the engine refuse to keep running on idle, also my Screenshot button didn't work anymore. (probably the ALT+TAB killed it :cautious:)
As I expected the engine to die any moment now, I decided to just get it over with without screenshots..
However, I got to the end of SS9, and also of SS10 without blowing the engine.
Starting SS11 it wouldn't rev over 6k rpm and I couldn't get above 100kph anymore.. but somehow it held together and I finished SS11. Slowly, but still...

For SS12 I decided to restart the game to at least be able to screenshot my Terminal Damage message, but that didn't help. A reboot did help.
So I could make this screenshot of me starting SS12 with a dead engine:

Thankfully the battery was in good condition, and eventually the engine caught on, and off we went.. I was able to make some pretty pictures along the way which thankfully don't show how slow I went:

Lo and behold.... I had better luck than @xminxG as my vintage Italian superhothatch kept it together and eventually we made it!! Did NOT expect that one!

Wow... 5 stages with a broken engine and it didn't die!!
Over the course of this championship, I found my Lancia Delta to be really powerful, but also rather nervous and pretty fragile. So I was pleasantly surprised it held together this far.
Probably proper pre-season testing would have revealed this earlier, but TBH I just like oldschool European cars better than Asian ones.
But my most important reason to pick the Delta, was the fact that I have an original Lancia Delta HF front seat mounted on my racing rig, a nice black perforated-leather one that I picked up at a local auto junkyard over 12 years ago. It's VERY comfortable :inlove:

EDIT: @alex2106 as I am watching your stream when writing this post, I don't think this is any consolation to you as I am SO much slower than you are, but still:
All through this championship I DID drive my Lancia Delta without aids, in cockpit view, with an H-shifter and with clutch... The clutch even proved to be an advantage for my near-dead engine in the closing stages of this event.:)
Also while the Delta is more powerful I find it to also be more fragile than the Lancer you and my teammate drive..:cool:
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Grand final of this great championship!
My tactics in Scotland was to drive with hard compound tires from SS01 til the end of SS12! And it went better than expected... :)
Got used to ''no grip at all'' around SS07, where I started to push a bit harder! No major mistakes, except SS05, where I completely ignored ''right 1'' and went full throttle past it!

Congrats to all participants who did not gave up til the very end of season! :thumbsup:

And hats off in front of organizers! Great challenge and lots of fun! Thank you!
We meet again in next season! ;)

So, that was a difficult rally!
I cuddled a tree on SS1, flat tire on SS2. Engine issues on SS3, SS4 and SS5. But I somehow managed to nurse the car to the service.

Fixed the engine, got penalty time, don't care, want to finish ;)

The last 7 stages went better, less mistakes, more fun. SS12 was very slippery at the end.

Thanks for organizing S9 RDRC guys! Looking forward to the next one :)
That was murder!
Day one was fine, kept it all together till almost the end of stage four where there is this hidden rock on the left, haven't played these stages (or the game for that matter) for a couple of months, so i totally forgot all about it. Puncture, broken radiator, the usual. Made it back to service, collected 2mins extra and then set out on that epic final day. The mix of stages was brilliant, night stage went well as did the rainy one but in the middle of stage 10 my concentration slipped as I was considering whether to do them all in one go or quit after ten. Nearly had the question answered by the damage model as I smacked into a log pile (what are they piling all those logs for? miles and miles and miles of them ...). Puncture, radiator broken, engine in the red, been there done that. Called it a day and restarted game tonight. Leaderboard told me I was last of the cars still running with not such a large gap to one of the Müllers who had died on the last stage. Crawled and floated through 11, revved up a little more through 12 and survived, still some minutes ahead of the fastest DNF. Currently in top20 but I bet I will lose that coveted position as the evening progresses.
This has been another superb championship, thx all participants and organizers, especially everyone contributing to the talk and images here and in the magazines. You are all AWESOME!

rainy day:

start of stage 10, still going strong:

end of rally:
Also done! Report will come during the week. But I can proudly say to have finished every Rally of the RDRC Season 9, and most probably also have finished all of the rallies in the points. For my first time trying competitive rallying, I am happy with how it went.

@Roland thats the spirit I like. Driving the car in an authentic way. Thumbs up for that! :) Also for the seat, lol, thats very nice.

Magnar Haarstadsveen

Just for fun
First of all i must give a big thanks to my friend Morten Sollid for he saved my drive here. My pedal set suddenly stopped working last saturday, the brake pedal did not work at all. So i order a new set last Sunday and pray that it would get to me before the weekend. No it did not.
I try to map the clutch pedal to brake but it was not easy to use that one as a brake. I have a Fanatec V3 pedalset so the clutch pedal is heavy to step on at the beginning and half way it suddenly get light so i struggled to drive with that. Then i phoned my friend Morten and ask him to borrow his set, he has the same as me, and he said yes to that.........THANK YOU VERY MUSH MORTEN!!!!
I get this set saturday and just have a short test on a stage before i drive the rally.
To my suprise i went ok, i was a litte out of practise cos i have not been able to drive at all this week and in the first stages i was very carfull, but i got to the end and did not do any mistake so i'm happy.
And Scotland terminated! :cry:

I started this rally really late, but I could finish it within the deadline. Biggest goal was to keep the car as intact as possible, which I managed well until the first and only service area. All good, the 30 minutes were enough to fix the Impreza. First night stage and bang, I missed a braking point and smashed the car into some bushes. Extra headlights gone, radiator quite bent. I kept going and slowly over the next stages, I could hear the radiator starting to crack.

On stage 11 I hit a bunch of rocks - the co-driver did tell me "rocks inside" - and that's when the radiator split open. I was now a bit worried for stage 12, but unfortunately I did not have to worry for long. Right at the end of stage 11, on the fast downhill section, I jumped too much towards the left, the car hit the slope and shot straight into the trees on the other side. Terminal damage and that is my rally over. It could have been an 8th or 9th place, but it is 20th (I guess you have to finish all stages for points, anyway).

A sad end, but as always, another lesson learned. Argentina was exactly the same: terminal damage on the last stage after a jump. I relaxed, thought everything was under control, and was reminded that it is done only after you cross the finish line. :)

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Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Provisional Results are out! You can find them here!

As always, we have some unknown RaceNet-names, they will be listed in this post.
Drivers on list list, have until Wednesday 5th May 02:22 UTC+1 to notify us about names to be included in final results.

Unrecognized RaceNet: FinnKKristiansen
Unrecognized RaceNet: Jose_Guilherme31
Unrecognized RaceNet: Mário Castro
Unrecognized RaceNet: RaidoMartin1996
Unrecognized RaceNet: s.machado
Unrecognized RaceNet: Tonieduardo
Unrecognized RaceNet: UnknowRacer
Unrecognized RaceNet: williams6925**
Unrecognized RaceNet: williams6925**

Due to the tedious process it is in removing people from the RaceNet leagues,
it's faster to delete them from the results...
thus it's likely that we'll see many of the same names here for the rest of the season.
** Will be disqualified regardless, for driving in more than one RaceNet League.

Norman Bruce

Season 9 completed. I took this last event at a more steady pace as I have had too many DNF's in the season. This one I had to finish, I was still pushing enough to make errors but at least I got repairs done, I had a 2minute penalty applied for exceeding the service time limit.
As it's the last of the season I'll just drop a load of screenshots here.:)














The first time I read the itinerary I was thinking what the hell, one service and 70kms of super specials afterwards, how is that going to work? But in reality it was easier than I thought. Hard tyres and quick fix everything. Didn't had to worry about strategy at all so I could focus more on driving and keep a steady pace throughout the rally. And since there were 7 stages without interruption, I could settle into a good rhythm for the last stages. The goal was to keep a pace that is fast enough to not come in last, but still clean enough to keep me out of trouble. Like a good endurance stint. Still on the last stage being the last and all, I decided to give it a final hurrah, and it paid of, as I snatched a position from a fellow Impreza driver (sorry, Davy :) ).
Though after 9 rounds I still couldn't get used to the understeer and the massive turbo lag of the Impreza. I was thinking about a switch, if it wasn't for that lovely boxer sound...
Thank you for organizing this championship Ole, and the great work that was put into it. Truly professional. Loved the magazines too, great touch from RACEmotion and Michael Nelson. And thanks to all the fellow drivers who took part, and kept the championship exciting to the end. Count me in on the next one!

Daniel Monteiro

What a mammoth of an event! Too bad mine finished on SS2 :laugh:

The mind was not in the right place for this one, and so the car found itself in a wrong place too: full throttle against a tree. A bittersweet ending for me but plenty of good memories and camaraderie when looking back on the championship as a whole, it has been great to be back and share the stages with old and new friends!

Thank you all the organisers, and also the participants: the championship exists and is this amazing and exciting thanks to you!

Day 2 was a roller coaster of emotions for me.

It started in the worst way at SS6. Puncture at the start of the stage lost me over a minute.
But I was motivated to bounce back and I was happy with my driving.

And then came the powerstage. Without knowing what I need to get P3 in the championship I pushed hard to get any points I can. Unfortunately I crashed. I landed a bit sideways on one of the jumps in the last quarter of the stage, lost control and went hard into logs, puncturing my tire. Another minute gone.

All I could do after that was to wait for the results and see if that was enough to beat Dylan Hallberg. I needed 9 points more than him to get that P3 in the championship. I was worried my two big mistakes would cost me that. But I knew this rally is a huge challenge and maybe he had problems too.

I woke up in the morning shocked to see that he retired on SS9 and I finished P5.
So it looks like the P3 in the championship is mine. It's honestly hard to believe. Before this championship started I was hoping to finish in top 10. At the start podium finishes seemed far away for me but everything started to click after my home Rally Poland.

Big thanks to everyone who took part in organizing this championship and congrats to the winners. I had the absolute best time with it. The rallies and magazines were amazing. It really felt like something special.

See you all hopefully next season!
Well, I thought I'd try to complete this event, just taking it easy, as if I were taking groceries to my granny who lives way out in the country. I certainly wouldn't want her driving in these conditions! Anyway, I got up to take a quick break as SS4 was loading. Of course, when I got back, I was disqualified for not moving in 30 seconds. :roflmao: I would've scored my only points of the season too, just for making it to the finish. :mad::mad::mad:
You guys can laugh about my crash. I did too, after realising how dumb I had been. I was like "oh well, time to go to bed anyway". :roflmao:

Thing is, this week I have another rally in Scotland, with the Stratos HF. I hope it does not end the same way. :cry:
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