RDRC S9 Round 7 - Rally Scotland (26th April - 2nd May 2021)

And I'm done. I made a bit of a mistake stopping at SS10 yesterday as I was really surprised at the absence of grip of the medium tires this morning, after all these rough kilometers.

Here are a few shots of my beautiful Opel, designed by no other than Ole :

Thanks again for the unbelievable organisation, its been a great first experience for me. Loved it, although I'd definitely move away from FWD cars in the future!
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Mark Gormley

#14 | The Silent Killer
What a tough event, it felt like all my controls were mapped wrong; the right pedal was a handbrake, the clutch was a handbrake, and the steering wheel was just there for something to hold on to. But no, that's a Renault 5 on wet high speed gravel stages.

Not too bad during the first leg and the dry stages of the second leg, I could push then but by the end, with the road torn up as well, it was just a case of getting it home. Not expecting many power stage points, this was the only stage where I had a bump and twisted something at the front (which improved the handling immensely) so I think I'll probably stay where I am in the championship, but everyone in H3 is a champion of cool anyway :cool: Thanks to everyone who stuck through the whole championship for keeping the battles going all the way!




Done. I think I pissed in my pants! All 7 stages of day 2 in one go!
this was great fun. Thanks a lot to the organizers :)

if I still have a pulse next season of RDRC, I’ll join you youngsters, if just to show you that there is no age limit for passion and FUN!

thanks again to everybody,

Nice job Robert (awesome wordplay btw). Please do so, I'd love to have another go next season in the "Fastest Canadian Award" :D

So did all stages in one go, due to a little bit lack of times. Like Poland one roll, kept it otherwise clean. provisional P3 is amazing. If i end up in the top ten total it would be a way better result than i expectet and it would motivte to drive next year with the big boys :) Thank you so much for this awesome event. It was so much fun and sometimes really frustrating, exactly what i love so much about rally.
Finished the rally of death in Scotland:)
After normal stages SS01- SS04 I had a heavy crash in SS05. Luckily enough I was able to reach the service and to repair the most important parts of my M3 for the last 7 stages.

Starting with SS06 - SS11 my race tactic changed into reaching the final finish line. My idea for the powerstage in SS12 was simply to see what is possible.
Here some pictures from Scotland:


Many thanks to all competitors in H3 and to the whole organisation team of this event and the awesome magazine.
The stream for tomorrow evening is scheduled, so feel free to join us (I'll once again be driving together with @Michael Springer and @Camaro735) for the final time this season at 7:45pm CEST. Hoping to see some of your names there in livechat while struggling for grip! :) Practice-wise I had three stages so far, and I think in total I have driven 5 stages on Scotland ever in DR2.0. What could possibly go wrong? :D

So far I managed to complete day one of this rally, but more on that later.

When I first arrived in Scotland last week, I started practice in the dry on the South Morningside stage. It took me 7 (seven!) attempts to make it to the end... of the shakedown:redface:
That was quite unnerving. Oh boy, this will be a really really tough one and I need a completely new approach to this..:cautious:
Then when the itinerary was released and I learned it would mostly be a wet rally, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it forced me to be nothing but cautious at every single bend and crest.

With real life getting in the way of proper preparations once more, I will have to drive all of Day 2 in one session today as time is running out. But regardless of how that's going to work out, I want to thank everyone involved in this championship.

While for some of you this RDRC is the right occasion to say goodbye to DR2.0 after spending hundreds of hours with it, for me it was the ultimate way to discover this game. I've owned the game for quite some time now, I just never got around to actually playing it.
This awesome championship forced me to keep trying to master these stages, no room for procrastination. :D

Thus, so far I finished in 5 of the first 6 events, and while obviously I could not even get close to the top times, I wasn't the slowest guy on any of them either and even managed to snatch a few championship points.. Visiting all these events felt a bit like a long trip around the world and I do look forward to also trying my teeth on the other not-included locations soon.

The awesome magazines, the long lists of competitors, the swift and accurate result posts after each rally, the long forum threads filled with stories, screenshots and videos of how everyone was doing, all this combined has made me feel like I was part of something really special. So:


To Ole Marius Myrvold , Jack Hintz , Michael Nelson and everyone else invloved in making this happen. And to anyone taking part and sticking with it until the end and telling us about is here. I loved it!:inlove:

Now bring on day 2 of this Rally!
First: short recap of Day 1:
After getting used to the slippery surface, things actuallt started quite good. I had a few narrow escapes on SS1 and SS2

But it wasn't until SS3 that I got in real trouble.. I went a bit too sideways, and did a classic double roll into the bushes. It all happened really fast and I was so disoriented afterwards that I had no idea which way the road was.
I've had this same issue in NZ and promised myself then to turn those external cameras back on in the options, but you guessed it, I forgot:(:(


Obviously the road was just a few feet in front of me, but for me it looked like this.


So I just backed up, as usually that's where I came from but got lost once more and had to hit Reset button. That was at least half a minute lost...:cry:

After that I got going again, and while SS3 was not that good, SS4 was slow but trouble-free, and SS5 was trouble free too, but not even that slow and I managed to regain a few of the lost places.
So now: let's find out how badly damaged the car is and get going with the last 76 :confused: kms of this rally.

Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
Final leg of the championship is done, and my notes will follow as usual :)


ss06 - Horrible stage for me. I have maybe 10 meters of visibility in the dark, so I left the road on many occations, causing more damage than leg 1 all together.
ss07 - This one felt good, I dared to push a bit here.


ss08 - Understeer in the long corners almost caught me out, but I managed to hang on. The wet stuff will be deadly for the rest of th rally.
ss09 - There is a lot of "Don't cut"s in this stage, but I could easily ignore those. The understeer kept me well clear of them. It even put me off the road and down a ditch for 4-5 seconds.


ss10 - This one somehow felt more grippy than the previous one.
ss11 - There an't be much thread left on the tires now. Really struggeling with the mud and the ruts in this one, taking it more safely again.


ss12 - Slippery as soap, or wet ice if you prefer. Absolutely no grip in slow corners, somehow better grip in the faster ones. But I made it through!


4th position in class at the time of writing. There are still some more drivers to come through, but it looks like I have been able to grab a good few points from this event too. Too bad I started gathering points to round 3 in the championship instead of from the first one, but that is what you get for choosing car with your heart rather than your mind. Still a fun season for me, and it looks like RMI Motorsport might have secured 5th in the team championship :)



Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
Really hopin' I have the pace to beat you this time around @Roy Magnes. I think we are pretty much fighting for a championship position this time around. Seeing you in P4 makes me anxious. :D
I will be watching your run later on with...well, my eyes, but also with great interest :) I need to outscore you by 23 points to get ahead of you, so I think you're fairly safe there. But it might be close :D
Silver Lining is everyone behind is dead so its a top 20 in my class.
Held on for as long as it could till it couldn't no longer.
Rocks on this rally can go to hell.
Was lucky I even got as far as I did.

But thanks all for this season. Next season I think I'll try a new class.
Love the Group A-2000s cars so if their available I'll be going with that next year.
Or the Stratos.
Or hell, maybe we might get Group B!

Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
My power stage re-live, if anyone is interested. I am using a plugin to split the co-driver sounds to my headset and all the other sounds to my speakers, and that sound channel was appearently not recorded... I could have went for the viewer-friendly "pure engine sounds"-tag :whistling:


Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
But thanks all for this season. Next season I think I'll try a new class.
Love the Group A-2000s cars so if their available I'll be going with that next year.
Or the Stratos.
Or hell, maybe we might get Group B!

If there will be another DR2.0 season, we will very likely stick to non-DLC cars again. Mainly due to custom liveries.
It's not like my mental health is at its best level during current times, doing rallying competitive has done more harm than good. I should've stopped many, many rallies ago as I originally planned because I hate comparing myself to friends and losing on almost every stage. At least I can finally free up some storage on my harddrive.
Car was toast after third stage because I dislike the randomness of trees and stones in scotland so much. Some small pine trees kill you once you look at them.

First stage:


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