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RDRC S9 Round 3 - Rally Argentina (1st March - 7th March 2021)

Thank´s a lot to the organizers a lot off work very professionally done. I did a couple of real life rallys as an amateur 30 years ago. Some of them were not as professional organized as far as I remember... My first Rally in this championship ever, looks like it will be a tough one... Good Luck to all ! Have Fun
finished my prep by doing two more of the long stages, one in rainy conditions (which i actually liked more than the dry, weird) and one in said dry conditions. it's a bouncy ride in the group A lancia, will probably split the rally in three bits again but not following the rhythm given by organizers: stages 1-4, then 5-8 and then the rest. love how it's divided in the short and long bits, great layout of stages!


When testing, we, too, found that the wet conditions make the gravel more bearable, weirdly enough.
I guess this is because it slightly flattens out the bumps, and makes any dust disappear as the rain collects it. This might be the first rally where I prefer rain over sunshine! :D
This time we are actually going to split the Rally as per the days due to Argentinia giving us a bit of motion sickness actually. Especially SS2 is leaving me nauseous. Not sure how I would survive this rally in RL. :sick:

Feel free to join the fun at ~ 7:15pm CET today at

Also got a pedal cam now by the way, please check it out and tell me what you think about it :D

Update: Seems like we might just pull through today in one sitting cause tomorrow we couldn't do it as a group due to real life conflicts, oh well, so watch me vomit live on stream.
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Are you sure that night stages are Cloudy weather? There is no cloudy option for night stages ;)


Important Notes:
  • The Rally is from 1st March 00:00 UTC until 7th March 23:59 UTC. You must finish and have uploaded your times from the last stage before the end-time to register the stage result.​
  • Remember to join the correct league/club for the class you drive in. If not, you will not be able to participate.​
  • If your name on the results shown at dirtrally2.dirtgame.com doesn't match what you signed up with, or doesn't match what you have on the official entry list (see first post in the Sign-Up thread) and fail to inform us about your correct name within 48 hours of the provisional results being published. You will be removed from the results. There will be no exceptions to this. See Directors Note for rules-clarification on this.
  • If you haven't signed up, you can do that here. You must sign-up to be able to participate. The sign-up must be accepted and valid before the end of the rally to be accepted.​
  • Feel free to take screenshots and videos and share it in our Rally World Thread. Screenshots can be end up being included in the next magazine!​
  • Feel free to share your experience from the rally in this thread, share the perfect runs and the perfect failures! All in the name of fun!​
  • Driving in more than one class will lead to an instant DQ(removal) from the results.
  • Any rule changes will be posted in the Directors Note Thread. Please keep yourself updated on any changes.
  • Good luck and have fun!! :)

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Are you sure that night stages are Cloudy weather? There is no cloudy option for night stages ;)

Poop! Excel and me! It's clear at night.
I didn't even spot that when I set up the sessions and compared them to the itinerary! At least it's just a cosmetic thing, nothing that actually will cause any issues. Fixing the itinerary now.


Me being live in 2 minutes... Müller Motorsport at ARG Pt. 2

Paul's run wasn't that satisfying for him, so we had a little chat afterwards, drank some beer (To all those kids out there: DON'T DRINK & DRIVE) and as he went home now it's my turn in the Delta HF.

Cheerio Miss Sophy!
That's an "This could've been made harder - almost". :whistling:

lol, just finished the first day (5 stages) and i think it's stage 01 that will decide the rally, that switch from early morning sun to deep shadows as you start the climb is utterly distracting! had a half spin there as it was just pitch black in one or two places and i couldn't find the light switch what with all the speed and the action ...
then i tackled the four night stages, which only a truly ... mind could have put on the agenda. kept the fancy extra lights intact for 2.7 of these stages, but a crash into one of those smallish walls along the side of the track and a missed bridge in stage 2 led to my cooler slowly dying and with it my motor and the power available. last two segments i was crawling and motor spluttered off as i crossed the finish line. survived, but just so.
Those four stages will dash many a hope as the week progresses.

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So I managed to survive the night stages (incredibly I never even damaged a headlight) and am having a good duel with Walttu77 on the PS4 J-RDRC leaderboard - I seem to recall our times were pretty close on Monte Carlo? I also squeezed in stages 6 and 7 tonight, video to follow soon! It's very easy to get complacent on the shorter legs, you've really got to avoid losing concentration.

Not looking forward to the last set of stages which I'll probably tackle tomorrow, running essentially 4 and a half full stages on one set of tyres is a very foolish thing to do... it would be good if there was an option to bring 4 spare tyres and change them after stage 10 :)
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